How God of War Ragnarök compares to God of War 2

How God of War Ragnarök compares to God of War 2

Both God of War Ragnarök and God of War 2 are sequels that improved on their daring original predecessors, but which follow-up is better?

God of War: Ragnarök‘s the success at The Game Awards 2022 is reminiscent of the series’ first sequel: God of War 2. The original trilogy was known for its hyperactive, hack-and-slash style, which communicated the rage that drove Kratos in his revenge plots against Ares and Zeus. In contrast, the Norse games are character-driven stories whose heart lies with a more family-oriented Kratos.

The release of God of War 2 proved that developer Santa Monica Studio was able to recognize the first game’s flaws and grow from them to build a classic video game series. God of War: Ragnarök have done much of the same; after moving the series from Greek to Norse mythology God of War (2018), director Cory Barlog saw that there were still ways to improve the series’ storytelling and combat systems. As the second installment in both the Greek and Norse halves of the series, God War 2 and God of War: Ragnarök are seen as critical touchstones for these two halves; and, as sequels, have perfected it the Greek and Norse part of god of war is about.


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God Of War: Ragnarök is a better game, but God Of War 2 is a better sequel

Kratos jumps on a berserker with the Leviathan ax in God of War Ragnarok

About God of War: Ragnarök or God of War 2 is the better game is pretty clear: God of War: Ragnarök offers more in terms of story, gameplay and design. This is to be expected, as God of War 2 was Barlog’s debut, and the director has only improved his skills over the past fifteen years. That being said, God of War 2 still provides a better sequel to God of War (2005) than God of War: Ragnarök make to God of War (2018). This is because God of War 2 made corrections to the mistakes of its predecessor in more significant ways than God of War Ragnarök.

God Of War 2 made the series what it is

Kratos in God of War 2 screams at something off screen

Not only was the original god of war almost in first person, but it also suffered from many mistakes. In particular, much of the platforming was clunky and dated even when the game came out, and this problem was exacerbated by the game’s camera. Difficult to control, it would occasionally cut very quickly, resulting in a disorienting, unpredictable experience. But just two years later, God of War 2 was able to both avoid these mistakes and improve on everything established in its predecessor. Combat mechanics became smoother and faster; traveling became easier and more exciting on Pegasus, and the story grew in scope, ending in one of the most famous final scenes in gaming history.

Unlike, God of War Ragnarök had little to improve. God of War (2018) was awarded Game of the Year and was seen as a near-perfect game. Of course, God of War Ragnarök still managed to find ways to grow by expanding exploration and fixing the clunky layouts of the original’s menus. Nevertheless, God of War Ragnarök still feels like a lesser sequel than God of War 2 due to the few improvements it had to offer, although it is still technically a better game.

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Sources: Zanar Aesthetics / YouTube

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