HisWattson claims rank 1 Apex Legends player was boosted by a hacker

HisWattson claims rank 1 Apex Legends player was boosted by a hacker

Published: 2022-10-25T20:44:30

Updated: 2022-10-25T20:44:41

Apex Legends pro player HisWattson called out the first Predator player for being boosted by a hacking player who has already had several accounts banned for cheating.

Apex Legends is getting very competitive at the top of the Predator rankings. Hitting rank 1 is an incredible feat, and maintaining rank 1 is even more difficult. The players who make it this far up the Pred rankings are often recognized for their skill and perseverance.

However, the top ranked player who goes by the name EHH_ERR in the game is relatively unknown. At the time of writing, he sits at just over 61,000 RP, giving him a 7,000 RP lead over none other than HisWattson at rank 2.

HisWattson called out the unknown player for queuing with a player hacking to get to the top of the leaderboard without getting banned for cheating on Apex Legends.

HisWattson calls out Apex Predator which is ranked

HisWattson’s message came with it a videoone showing the player queued with EHH-ERR getting banned in the middle of a ranked game.

The rank 1 player in question did not hesitate to post his stats along with complaints that he and his queue partner “can’t even defend ourselves” against accusations. Still, his stats themselves are pretty telling.

The account has 14,000 games with 2,000 wins, giving this player a pretty impressive win rate throughout his career. However, Season 14 alone had over 700 wins in 1,000 games.

The drastic improvement combined with the player he is queued with getting banned multiple times has raised some concerns among top Apex Legends players.

The player who is been banned several times have tried to challenge his bans in the past without success so far.

The rank 1 player, who goes by Tasmah, is actively trying to find ways to prove innocence by his queue partner despite multiple bans being placed on his accounts.

These events follow after ImperialHal gets an Apex Legends cheater banned on stream in a high ranked lobby. The battle against hackers has been a constant battle for Apex players trying to hit the top of the ladder.

At the time of writing, Respawn has yet to comment on the matter.

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