Hideo Kojima’s PT made playable on PlayStation 5 with hacked emulator

Hideo Kojima’s PT made playable on PlayStation 5 with hacked emulator

A resourceful streamer is sharing footage of Hideo Kojima’s famous PT demo running on PlayStation 5, achieved using a hacked PS4 emulator.

A data miner has managed to get Hideo Kojima’s famous PT demo works on PlayStation 5.

Per Eurogamer, streamer Lance McDonald could play PT on a non-jailbroken console through a series of clever steps. McDonald said he first transferred a hacked PS4 emulator from a jailbroken PS5 using a USB backup. From there, the streamer said he was able to unlock the game on his primary PlayStation 5 and shared video footage of the famous teaser running on the hardware. McDonald said those looking to replicate his feat would have to own PT lawful on his PSN account and has said that the account is activated on a jailbroken PS5 as well as a standard, fully updated PS5.

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Hideo Kojima’s PT the demo has become a treasured piece of video game history for many gaming fans, with the teaser immortalizing the vision behind Kojima’s canceled Silent Hills project. The demo was available on PlayStation 4 in 2014 for around 12 months, although Konami removed it immediately after the company’s cancellation of the project, and it has been unavailable ever since. In recent years, many have PT fan remakes have appeared online, and the demo’s claustrophobic setting has inspired many other horror titles since it was scrapped. PT received rave reviews from fans and critics alike for its terrifying atmosphere, leaving many in anticipation of the full game.

The Silent Hill franchise has been dormant since the cancellation of Kojima’s project, though Konami has recently teased one Silent Hill live stream will be broadcast on October 19. The teaser included the line “In your restless dreams, do you see that city?” — a spin on a famous quote from the much-loved Silent Hill 2, leading fans to speculate that the company may reveal the game’s long-rumored remake. Recent leaks have also suggested that Konami is developing a brand new one Silent Hill title, a rumor conveyed by the company’s copyright claiming a number of game screenshots that circulated on social media. Konami also collaborated with well-known horror developer Bloober Team, although no collaboration projects have been announced or released yet.

After the cancellation of 2014 Silent Hills, writer-game developer Kojima left Konami and engaged in a public war of words with the company. Since then, Kojima has opened his own studio and produced the critically successful Death Stranding. The developer has cryptically teased its new project with several mysterious posters and recently announced that the game would star actress Elle Fanning. Fans believe the project could be one Death Stranding sequel, based on earlier comments made by star Norman Reedus.

Source: Twitter, via Eurogamer

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