Hi-Fi Rush: Best Special Skills, Ranked

Hi-Fi Rush: Best Special Skills, Ranked

By mixing several genres together, exciting things can be created. It can be difficult to execute, but when done right, the gameplay is rewarding and fun. While many developers have done this, certain genres are used less frequently in crossovers. The rhythm genre is one of these. The main component of these games is that players must hit the beat of the song in order for moves or attacks to land. This can be challenging for many players since the gameplay is more technical. But if they’re fun and accessible, players will find it easier to adapt.

The last entry in this genre, hi-fi rush,do a good job with this. It has a great soundtrack that makes the gameplay even more immersive, and it’s easy to play. Combat is more forgiving as players don’t have to stay on the beat as much as they do in other rhythm games. Players can perform some cool combos and great special attacks they can when they have the meter filled up. These attacks do a lot more, but require more finesse, which can make or break the fight. While not all special attacks are useful, these are the best ones that are easy to perform and do a lot of damage.


5 Power Chord

hifi rush chai looks up at a structure

This is the first special attack players get before they can equip new ones. This attack is great for pushing enemies away and starting combos. Additionally, if players time their beat correctly, they can complete this special attack with a finisher. Power Chord also highlights one of the best aspects of the game’s combat: that if players are in the air, they can create combos that look like they’re out of play as God of War.

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During the many boss fights in hi-fi rush, Power Chord can be very useful since players don’t need to aim dead on. If they hook onto the enemy and stab them, they can use this attack to deal a huge amount of damage.

4 Exaggerate

hifi rush enemy attacking player

In order for the players’ attacks to become even more powerful, they must land on the beat. The overdrive attack is a good highlight of it. As long as players hit the beat, each hit will do a lot of damage. If the enemy isn’t close to going down, this attack will take a large portion of their health from them. Players can then shoot enemies back, which stuns them and allows players to perform a follow-up attack. Although Overdrive is a harder attack to learn, it is rewarding when players land it.

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If the player can get a battery that instantly recharges the special attack meter, they can do two of these attacks in a row. This makes the later boss fights easier because the player can stun the bosses with these attacks, leaving room for the sidekicks to put in additional damage. While it’s not the best special attack, it’s great for helping players gain control of the match, as long as they land their punches successfully.

3 Air guitar

hi fi rush player doing a spin attack

This attack can be done in the air, highlighting the creativity of combat found in many games that use hack-and-slash mechanics. This attack is great for both starting a combo and taking down enemies, and it also quickly gets players into the rhythm of the song being played. As long as players hit the beat while performing the spinning attack, they can knock enemies back and stun them. This is great when things get too chaotic because it hits everyone around the attack and pushes them away as well.

Using this attack for bigger enemies can save the players life. One of the best things about this attack is that it can be followed by any combo afterwards, so even if the attack doesn’t knock down the enemy, the follow-up attack will.

2 Double Riff

hi fi rush 3 robots standing next to each other with guns out

Many rhythm games have things that make the player’s life easier, such as the equippable items in them Bullets per minute. IN Hi-Fi Rush, are the sidekicks that players encounter as they progress through the story. Each sidekick does something that helps players in combat and platforming. This special attack uses Peppermint’s ranged attacks and combines them with the player’s melee attacks. The end result is some impressive damage output.

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While it can be used to start a match, players will find it best suited after a combo because they can deal consistent damage. It means a lot more to the bosses and the bigger enemies. Some players may find it a difficult attack to pull off, but it’s fairly easy to do, and due to the damage, they should use this more often. On top of that, many special attacks use two bars of the meter, but Double Riff only uses one bar.

1 Twin abuse

hi fi rush chai about to attack a big monster

Just like the Double Riff, this attack uses one of the sidekicks to assist the players. But the reason it’s high on this list is because of how easy it is to use. It’s much easier than Double Riff, and deals more damage. Since Hi-Fi Rush is about being creative, if players fight one way, it can be difficult for them later. This attack makes players want to be more creative, and in turn makes them more immersed in combat and the flow of the game.

The attacks from Corsica, plus the player’s attack, double the number of times players can hit. This brings up the stun meter, and also weakens the enemy. Then, after completing the attack, players can easily flow into a combo that will destroy the enemy. This attack takes some time to get used to, as the tempo is faster than most other special attacks. But when players master it, they will be unstoppable.

Hi-Fi Rush is now available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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