Here’s how to unlock OnePlus Factory Mode and access it without root

Here’s how to unlock OnePlus Factory Mode and access it without root

Looking for a way to access the hidden Factory Mode app on your OnePlus smartphone without root access? Check out this tutorial!

Advanced Android users often find some strange system APKs pre-installed on their phone that at first glance appear to be OEM bloatware. However, some of these apps can be quite useful as they provide you with a set of diagnostic tests that can be run on your phone. After all, when you send a phone to the manufacturer for service, the technicians need testing tools to properly assess the condition of the device to determine the faulty component(s). The average user can also access a handful of these diagnostic apps by entering the appropriate secret code from the stock dialer app. OnePlus is a brand that comes to mind in this context, as the OEM even offered a downloadable battery health check tool to users.

OnePlus is known among tinkerers for having a rich collection of diagnostic tools beyond the battery health checker. In fact, previous versions of OxygenOS on devices like the OnePlus 3, 3T and OnePlus 5 shipped with an extremely low-level diagnostic test application called “EngineerMode”, which could be exploited to grant root access without unlocking the bootloader. Later, OnePlus removed the exploitable debugging code, and renamed the app to “FactoryMode” (package name: com.oneplus.factorymode), and then blocked its normal execution routine. As a result, you can’t just start it by calling *#808# longer.

However, XDA’s modding community has come to the rescue. XDA Senior Member jamal2367 created a Magisk module that allows users to bypass the restriction right away and access the powerful Factory Mode app using *#808# secret code. XDA Senior Member antnyhills, however, came up with a pretty straightforward bypass method that involves editing the app’s configuration file. There’s just one small problem: Both methods require root access. Non-root users can try loading an older version of the Engineering Mode app on top of the factory-installed one, but they don’t always play well with newer OxygenOS releases.

Fortunately, XDA Senior Member AndroPlus has finally managed to solve the last piece of the puzzle. According to them, OnePlus hides the “FactoryMode” app behind a unique unlock code for each smartphone they manufacture. The unlock code is derived from the primary IMEI of a OnePlus device. After deciphering how it is generated, AndroPlus wrote an unlock code generator that can unlock access to the factory mode app.

How to Unlock OnePlus Factory Mode (aka Engineering Mode)

Warning: Be careful using OnePlus Factory Mode/Engineering Mode. There are a lot of low-level tools and tests here that users aren’t meant to access, so you should only do this if you’re aware of the risks and know what you’re doing.

Note: Please note that the online unlocker does not store your device’s IMEI. That said, the IMEI of your device is a pretty sensitive piece of information, so don’t blindly share it with anyone.

  1. Hit *#06# to open the IMEI information screen of your OnePlus device. Then long press the IMEI 1 field to copy it.
  2. Open the unlock code generator by clicking this link and paste the IMEI into the blank field.
  3. Press “CONVERTER” to get the unlock code.
  4. Hit *#*#5646#*#* on your phone. You should see a screen asking you to scan a QR code. Press the back button to access the code entry field.
  5. Enter the unlock code in the field and press the “OK” button.
  6. If everything goes well, you should see the following screen:
  7. Voila! Now you can access factory mode by dialing *#808# or *#36446337#.

Some older devices (eg OnePlus 7 series) cannot take a permanent unlock code. For them, the unlocker offers a special mode called “Unlock for 10 minutes.” The resulting code can unlock access to the factory mode app for a period of 10 minutes. After that you need to regenerate the code.

How often do you use the diagnostic pack in factory mode on your OnePlus smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!

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