Here’s everything wrong with the iPhone 14 Pro’s iOS 16 lock screen

Here’s everything wrong with the iPhone 14 Pro’s iOS 16 lock screen

The main feature of iOS 16 is a renewed lock screen with widget support and a lot of customization. The lock screen became even more interesting when Apple announced the iPhone 14 Pro models in September with the Always-On display technology. But after a few weeks of daily use, iPhone’s lock screen on iOS 16 doesn’t seem genuinely functional, here’s why.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s lock screen also watches, except when you’re near an Apple Watch

Image source: José Adorno for BGR

The first problem with the iOS 16 lock screen on the iPhone 14 Pro is the brightness of the screen – it looks too bright. While Apple will address that with iOS 16.2 as the company is working on an Android-like lock screen with everything black and only widgets and the clock available, it’s bizarre to have a similar Apple Watch Always-On screen experience on the iPhone.

For example, why is Always-On showing on your iPhone while you’re wearing an Apple Watch with the same technology on your wrist? If you don’t have an Apple Watch, then that makes sense, but if you have a watch, what’s the point?

Apple hides important information with the iOS 16 lock screen if it’s not unlocked

As you can see in the featured image, Apple hides important information like weather, fitness, and stock data while you don’t unlock your iPhone. This happens if you have blocked widget access when the iPhone is unlocked.

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Personally, I think Apple should separate the widget section when swiping from left to right on the home or lock screen to the complications available on the iPhone, mainly because more apps support this widget page than apps that support the Always On Display complications.

The difference between the old widgets section and the new widgets/complications on iOS 16’s lock screen

Additionally, while you can see weather and stock information if you allow widgets with the screen locked, it doesn’t make sense why showing the Fitness rings is a problem — especially since the Apple Watch Always-On display shows it all the time.

While Apple makes these weird choices, I think the company is showing too much data when you receive an iMessage notification from a group chat. While all notifications show the app icon and name, iMessage ensures you know who sent you the message and from which group. Personally, I prefer to get the message icon and app name instead.


There are still some inconsistencies with the iOS 16 lock screen and always-on screen. Apple has already fixed some. Previously, it was more difficult to edit the lock screen and home screen, which the company fixed with iOS 16.1.

That said, Apple still needs to add more widgets/complications, change how the Always-on display behaves, and sufficiently identify when the user is wearing an Apple Watch so you don’t have two Always-On displays on at the same time.

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