Here are all the Apex Legends leaks we want to see confirmed in 2023

Here are all the Apex Legends leaks we want to see confirmed in 2023

It’s been a long year for Apex Legends, and probably an even longer one for the game’s developers. Between the massive Season 12 leak in March to the recent discovery of the game’s next playable legend, Ballistic, data miners and those with access to internal builds have triumphantly pulled the rug out from under Respawn Entertainment ahead of scheduled content updates time and time again.

But this is nothing new for longtime fans of Battle Royale.

IN ApexFor the first few days it seemed like there was a new leak every few days. Data miners would dig up new characters, game modes and abilities, and excited fans would pour over the information in small online circles. Then, in October 2019, a photo emerged from what appeared to be a play session. The image contained a piece of paper that divided upcoming legends into three rows, depending on when they would be released. This release schedule ended up being mostly accurate, with a number of Legends – namely Crypto, Revenant, Loba, Rampart, and Valkyrie – all released in the same order years after the image first made the rounds online.

Apex’s leaks have developed since then. Proven data miners have become massive content creators in the game’s community, and fans flock to the ApexUncovered subreddit with each update for a chance to see an exciting new mechanic or legend recently unearthed from the game’s latest files.

With all the leaks that have happened over the years and all the possibilities of what could be Apex’s next big feature, it’s hard not to cross our fingers for the content we want to see confirmed in 2023. Here are all the leaks from Apexits story that we wish would become staples in the game next year.


Blisk, that one Titanfall the franchise’s mainstay villain-turned-bloodsports commissioner introduced the world to Apex Games in one of the game’s early teasers. And ever since, he’s been featured in tons of trailers and almost every round of leaks since the playtest image in 2019.

The Apex the community seems split on whether they want Blisk added to the games. On the one hand, it doesn’t make much sense for the Apex Games commissioner to compete in the blood sport he helped design. On the other hand, Blisk has remained an impressive force in Titanfall universe, having appeared in all three games: Titanfall, Titanfall 2and Apex Legends. He is the glue that holds much of the franchise’s fragmented lore together and a familiar face to longtime fans. And many of these fans are convinced that he takes a more active role in Apexin one way or another.

Blisk has appeared in several trailers for Apexincluding an early trailer, both the Rampart and Valkyrie’s Stories from the Outlands episodes, and an ad for Apex mobile. He has also been featured in in-game teasers, a fan-made short film made in collaboration with Respawn and EA, and the final chapter of Apexhis textbook Pathfinder’s Quest. Blisk has his hands all over Apex Games, but he’s been notably absent from surrounding media since the mobile game’s May 2022 teaser.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Instead, Octane’s grandfather Duardo has been running the show lately, making decisions about the Games’ next location and adding bloodsport legends in his spare time—what used to be Blisk’s exclusive prerogative. We have not heard what Blisk thinks of Duardo’s antics or what his working relationship with the syndicate’s boss is. Blik’s absence has raised a number of question marks and it has not gone unnoticed by fans, with many calling for his return.

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Perhaps Respawn is quietly preparing Blisk to appear in the ring. Either way, one thing’s for sure: We need more Blisk, either as a playable character or a feature in promotional content. And we need him now.

Akimbo weapon

Remember that hack that gave people R-99s with two swings? We certainly do.

For those who haven’t lived through the terror of this Season 12 exploit, we’ll set the stage: A TTV Wraith turns a corner with two R-99s, one in each hand. Before you have time to confirm that you are not seeing double, you are already dead. It was double the bullets, double the sweat, but quadruple the pain. That math came together when you ended up on the receiving end of this hack.

In Season 12, cheaters found a way to hack the game that allowed them to use two weapons at once. Nor was it limited to R-99. These hackers would run with dual Wingmans, RE-45s and combinations of everything in between. But according to recent leaks from renowned data miner Thordan Smash, the akimbo setup could be making a comeback – only a little more intentionally this time, in the form of a new type of dual-swing pistols.

How a dual-gun system would work in the game is a bit of a head scratcher. Many legends need one hand to use their abilities while holding their equipped weapon in the other. Do Ash and Octane have to have their weapons before they throw out the Arc Snares and inject themselves with Stim? Does Mirage’s point about sending out a clone become a simple head nod? Logistics aside, dual wielding can be a flashy way to make a name for yourself on the field, but it needs to be balanced properly. Each gun would need to do reduced damage so the combined amount wouldn’t be too excessive.

However, it has been done before. Just watch Call of Duty: Warzone 2 for reference.

Wall running

One of Blisk’s original leaked abilities – among the many kit variants he’s been datamined with – included wall-running, a highly sought-after mechanic from Titanfall game. A former Respawn developer previously said that the team would not include wall-running Apex because of how it contradicts their design philosophy. But the development team looks a little different now, and the philosophies may have changed. And if the recent Thordan Smash leaks are anything to go by, that means Respawn has at least toyed with the idea of ​​adding the mechanic to Apex.

We know that the development team is not afraid to introduce new and revolutionary – if often overpowered at release – movement abilities into the game. Everything from Valkyrie’s obnoxious-at-every-way jetpack to Revenant’s creepy wall-scaling has redefined how Legends traverse the playing field.

So while we may not get to work on the wall anytime soon, we may see a scaled down version of it at some point in the future.

Class rework and new perks

Current parameters around Apex’The current batch of classes aren’t completely finished, and they’re certainly not evenly distributed across the game’s cast. With as many as two legends falling under support, nine in attack and five in both defense and recon, it is easy to see how the distribution is far from perfect.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And if leaks are to be believed, there isn’t much anymore.

Some of the recent leaks depicted an incoming change to Battle Royale’s classes. Assault would essentially be broken into two groups, Attack and Skirmish, while Defense would be renamed Control, with a couple of previously tagged Defensive Legends moving to Support. This leaked distribution is much smoother; only assault and skirmisher have six characters, while the other three classes have four legendaries each.

Having multiple classes opens up the possibility of new class perks, or passive abilities shared by each legend within their respective subgroups. And with new perks come new avenues for more varied team compositions. Legendaries and their unique abilities will likely continue to be the deciding factor in which characters players will choose, but class perks – depending on how impactful they are – can play an important role in what benefits players gain from choosing one team skill over another.

A class rework and new passives are exactly the kind of tweaks that can freshen up the meta without jockeying too many mechanics around. It will be interesting to see which characters land in which categories and how this revamped class system affects the way the game is played.

Pathfinder rework

Alongside the reworked class system, the latest leaks pointed to an incoming overhaul for everyone’s favorite MRVN.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Pathfinder has been overdue for a redesign for years. In season five, Respawn lowered grapp’s cooldown to 35 seconds from 15, which drastically reduced his ability to maneuver in gunfights. Additionally, in season six, all recon characters gained the ability to scan survey beacons, which used to be exclusive to Pathfinder. In the same patch notes Apex The development team claimed that it would “take another look” at the difficult MRVN in the future to restore a unique sense of identity to the character. But with each successive update, it seemed like this promise was shelved in favor of other development choices, character releases and updates, and new maps. And with each season that passed without an update, Pathfinder fans grew even more frustrated.

For a long time, fans have been asking for a new kit or passive for the recon figure. They’ve proposed everything from a passive that allows Pathfinder to reel in downed teammates with the grab, to the ability to heal and restore shields on ziplines. But hopeful fans should keep their eyes peeled for 2023. A recent leak hinted that a Pathfinder rework could be on the way, but the information failed to detail what abilities from his set could be on the chopping block. Until we learn more, fans will just have to keep theorizing.

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