Has Overwatch 2 been hacked? How to identify and report hackers

Has Overwatch 2 been hacked?  How to identify and report hackers

Since most games are always online these days, it’s no wonder that hacking and DDOS attacks are more prevalent than ever. Overwatch 2 has had a rocky start, and with the anti-cheat mechanism in place somewhat outdated by modern standards, there have been many accusations of hacking and cheating in Blizzard’s fledgling sequel. Spotting a cheater or hacker in one of your games can be notoriously difficult, but there are certain signs to look for and mechanics in place to report suspicious activity. We will explain how to do it in this guide.

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How to spot a hacker or cheater in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced game with abilities and characters that fly and explode. To a novice, all sorts of perfectly normal sequences can seem like hacking is taking place. But there are signs to look for to avoid false positives.

If you suspect your teammate or an opponent of hacking, the death cam is your best friend. Try to find a connection between how the player behaves and what happens in a match. The most common hacks are either continuous or alternating wallhack, head-snap or auto-aim. Try to find more occurrences or consistency in the way their reticle moves, or if there is a jerky snap when aiming. The best course of action would be to capture suspicious activity on a video clip that you can later use to support your claim.

In case your own account has been hacked, you will notice it much easier. Some of the indicators are that you can’t log into Overwatch 2 with your regular password, that your currency items are missing, or that some of your settings have been completely changed. If this is the case, there are steps you can take to restore your account and secure it against future tampering.

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How to report hacking or cheating in Overwatch 2

If you are suspicious of someone cheating or hacking during an Overwatch 2 match, your best bet is to report the player immediately. To do so, bring up the player screen (‘P’ on your keyboard by default) and right-click on the player’s name, then select the ‘Report’ option. Select “cheating” from the drop-down menu and fill in the text box with your reasoning. If you want to provide even more detail, you can also submit a report with video clips or screenshots and then email them to Blizzard.

On the other hand, if you suspect that your own account has been hacked, you can do the following steps. First, you want to scan and secure your PC against malware and viruses. You will then need to submit a ticket to Blizzard to check and restore your account through customer service. After reviewing your ticket, they should be able to help you recover your account. However, it’s a good idea to also set up two-way authentication and Battle.Net Authenticator to further secure your account in the future.

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