Hacking the Holiday: A hacker’s gift guide

Hacking the Holiday: A hacker’s gift guide

It’s that time of year again, so what’s in it for people who can make a fortune trading both sides of right and wrong? Believe it or not, not really that much, since passionate hackers are often more concerned with the craft than worrying about material things, right? The key is – hackers are a practical bunch. As long as it’s cute and useful, it’s a keeper. Gifting a hacker isn’t too technical. Even you can try hacking the Holiday. Let’s take a look at this Hacker Holiday Gift Guide.

Valve SteamDeck – A hacker’s life is serious. Ethical hackers sometimes deal with critical issues with entire companies’ operations on the line. While black hats must always look over their shoulders. These guys need to relax. Guys in this field would already have a console or gaming rig, but if you know someone who doesn’t, the best gift would be Valve’s SteamDeck. The latest portable console looking to compete with the wildly popular Nintendo Switch. SteamDeck is basically a small but powerful PC capable of playing most of the games in the Steam library. And since it’s a PC, they can even hack it later.

Myhackertech Pentesting Bundle – is one of many hacker bundles available on MyHackerTech.com that include a 45L backpack, a folding keyboard, two Velcro tabs, two bag holders, a hook and a key ring. The two smaller organization bags are used to contain gadgets and other equipment that can be stored inside the larger 45L heavy-duty waterproof backpack with plenty of room for other things. The pack includes Velcro patches that can be exchanged for other custom patches that can be ordered from the website. Myhackertech Pentesting Bundle is just one of many offered by the site that is also worthy of this Hacker Holiday Gift Guide.


Raspberry Pi 4 4GB – if you can get your hands on one, it can be used to become a portable hacking rig when working with Kali Linux. All one needs is a small keyboard, some cables and a TV set, any crafty hacker can set up a Wi-Fi hacking rig without carrying a laptop. On normal days, it can be a completely different beast. If you can get the 8GB version, much better.

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Mini itineraries – Sometimes the little things can be greatly appreciated. This entry in our Hacker Holiday Gift Guide is one of the most useful and inexpensive, allowing the hacker to set up a small Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable network while on the go. It can be used to turn a wired connection into wireless in a flash or distribute a hotspot connection to a couple of wired computers. Their small frame also supports secure VPN from multiple providers. Perfect for the hacker who is always on the go.

Express VPN subscription – perfect for hackers just starting out, you can give them an Express VPN subscription because stealth is essential. A year’s subscription should get them up to speed.

Shark Jack – is a great tool for network auditing and auditing. A perfect gift for pentesters and researchers who don’t already have one. These tiny Linux PCs with DuckyScript payloads allow networks to be quickly reconnected with the flick of a switch.

Some reading required – Books are still a good gift idea, especially for hackers who are always hungry for information. Some recommendations include The Art of Attack: Attacker Mindset for Security Professionals by Maxie Reynolds; The Art of Invisibility by the legendary Kevin Mitnick; and Access All Areas: A User’s Guide to the Art of City Exploration by Ninjalicious.

If you’re a normie with a hacker friend, or a fellow hacker gifting a colleague, we hope we’ve helped you Hacking the Holiday with this Hacker’s Gift Guide.

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