Hacked NFTs from Gooodfellas are officially sold out; the game begins

Hacked NFTs from Gooodfellas are officially sold out;  the game begins

The hacked collection of 2222 NFTs by Gooodfellas is sold out. We spoke with project manager KC about the game, art, effort and community rewards.

Gooodfella’s hacked NFTs sold out in four days

Hacked NFT Collection by Gooodfellas sold out within days of launch. The collection on BNB chain has exceeded the expectations of observers.

“The reaction from the community so far has been a thrill. People are happy to be the ones who press the Hack button every day and are featured on our website as the Hacker of the Day,” Gooodfellas NFT Project manager KC told BSC News.

The collection of 2222 NFTs, went on presale on October 5 and public mint on October 6. Those with coin cards could buy NFT for 0.22 BNB, while others could buy it for 0.27 BNB. The collection was sold out within four days of its release, i.e. 10 October.

The project manager of Gooodfellas also talked about how the art behind the collection convinced investors to acquire the HACKED NFTs. KC praised the artists for coming up with new ideas that attracted investors’ attention.


The game concept behind the hacked NFTs

The primary feature of the NFT collection is the game called “Hacked”, where holders visit the Gooodfellas website and eliminate competitors for the chance to win a BNB prize pool.

“The hacked game allows our holders to be the ones to press the Hack button every day, which will eliminate 50% of the NFTs from the round,” KC said. “Once you’re knocked out, you can re-enter up to three times per round by submitting a tx that costs a small fee, and the fee goes into the prize pool for that round.”

The number and cost of reentries is based on the player’s Gooodfellas Staking Tier, as you can see below:


The elimination and reentry process continues until there is one holder left, who takes the prize pool (which is fed by the game’s transaction fees). All NFTs become active again when a new round begins.

The first round has already been completed and a winner has been chosen.

Rewards, Giveaways and more

KC also discussed PixelSweeper giveaway under the coin:

“We’re giving away a high value PixelSweeper NFT every 24 minutes throughout the Hacked mint. Seeing people win those PixelSweepers was exciting, with some holders winning multiple Sweepers, some with top 500 rarities.”

He also talked about staking reward linked to Hacked NFT, where stakers can earn GOOD credits. Staking of hacked NFTs has gone live and it is already generating a lot of attention as 65% of NFTs have already been staked:


Later this month, players can redeem their GOOOD tokens for various incentives and rewards, including subscription services, e-gift cards and NFTs. Meanwhile, the project manager shared some alpha about a possible game changer.

In November, we’re launching GooodAI, our own AI text-to-art generator, which will truly change the game, KC said.

He also talked about the relationship between the development team and the Gooodfellas community, which gave a warm embrace to Hacked NFTs.

He said the next Gooodfellas NFT collection, which was scheduled for November, would be pushed back to a later time frame.

What is GooodFellas NFT:

GooodFellas NFTs is a new platform on the BNB Chain that plans to launch four unique collections. Each collection is made possible through the artists behind PixelSweeper.

The first collection, Binions, was launched in July. The second collection, Hacked, was launched in October.

Where to find GooodFellas NFT:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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