Guilty Gear Strive’s hacking problem reaches a breaking point with the game rendered unplayable for streamers and other users

Guilty Gear Strive’s hacking problem reaches a breaking point with the game rendered unplayable for streamers and other users

A recent R-Code exploit could crash the game or potentially make it worse

In pretty much any other game, stream sniping would involve using a live stream to gain an unfair advantage, but there’s something much more sinister going on in Guilty Gear Strive.

There is currently a very bad exploit in Guilty Gear Strive that some streamers and targeted players are reporting that hackers can use to make the game completely unplayable.

Malicious coders have figured out a way to change a player’s R code in real-time, which can cause all sorts of problems depending on how much of a jerk the person feels like being.

The main use of the exploit can instantly freeze and crash the game during an online match for potentially both players, requiring a hard reset to get out of.

On top of that, though, some like pro gamer Moist|Hotashi are reporting that the R-Code hack can even lead to a memory leak in the Strive client that slows the game down to the point where it drops the frame rate and makes it functionally unplayable, even in practice mode.

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Some users also claim that the hackers can mimic a player’s R code to send impersonating messages, which also opens the door to a potential ban issue.

Unfortunately, there’s no real way to avoid these issues without playing completely offline, but the attacks are largely focused on notable streamers and gamers – although technically anyone can be targeted.

Since Strive was updated to cross-platform play in December, this isn’t just a PC gamer issue either, as some are reporting that the PlayStation versions of Guilty Gear may also be affected by the exploit.

At the time of reporting, Arc System Works has not released an official statement on the matter, but the manufacturer Shiny Zack issued a tweet earlier this week that said “Back in the office. Reviewing all the reports.”

This exploit basically makes it impossible to stream Strive without worry, but the hackers can hit someone anytime they try to go online by following their profiles.

Beyond just being terrible for streamers, the timing is worse for the entire competitive community because any online tournament is a potential target, and Frosty Fausting’s 15 is less than a month away as the final Arc World Tour qualifying event when even just practice puts them on Danger.

It is also important to note that this current R-Code exploit is similar but still another hack than the one that appeared earlier in 2022 that caused disconnections by changing player names.

With ArcSys surely aware of the exploit, an update to get rid of it will hopefully come in the coming days/weeks, especially since any discussion or content creation for Strive has been halted.

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Until then, however, streaming Guilty Gear Strive matches online is inadvisable, and players should be cautious about playing online in general. It’s probably also a good idea to back up any saved data just in case.

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