GTA Online memes take over Reddit as PC gamers get exploits instead of HSW cars

GTA Online memes take over Reddit as PC gamers get exploits instead of HSW cars

The recent execution of external code for GTA Online on PC has sparked a firestorm of discussions across various social media platforms. Since the privacy-threatening exploit was exposed by game data miners, Rockstar Games has been under constant scrutiny.

While the entire PC gamerbase waits for an update to fix the problem, participants of the ir/gtaonline subreddit shared their thoughts via comical memes and serious discussions. Many chastised Rockstar Games for their longstanding reluctance to fix such issues quickly and demonstrated the current reality of Grand Theft Auto Online on PC.

Players had been waiting for this year’s updates to include Hao’s Special Works cars and the expanded and enhanced version for PC. Instead, hackers have made the game completely unplayable. The user u/Sevalias made a pun to make fun of the situation:

Fans reveal GTA Online’s current status with memes on Reddit

On January 28, 2023, a user named u/Cainelso shared a meme titled “GTA ONLINE PC ON 2023”, depicting the multiplayer game’s expected versus actual scenario. The post quickly went viral on the subreddit and has received around 3.8k upvotes from other players at the time of writing this article.

The recently discovered remote code execution exploit has made the multiplayer game unsafe for PC players. Modders and hackers not only take over other people’s accounts, but they can also gain remote access to their computers. The user mocked Rockstar Games for the account ban exploits through the meme. No update has yet been released by the company.

As the post piqued the interest of other GTA Online players, they left well over 150 comments. Continuing with the core, user u/RealisticTune8180 said they had expected Hao, but not to be hacked.

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Another user, u/MulberryAgitated9645, stated that the meme summed up the Grand Theft Auto Online experience.

User u/drfunkenstien014 shared a method to report Grand Theft Auto Online modders to Rockstar Games.

User u/tu-142 used Hao’s name in a creative and witty way.

On the other hand, user u/huffie00 shared his displeasure with the in-game reporting system.

In response, user u/Rocktalon shared another effective method of reporting modders and cheaters in GTA Online to Rockstar Games.

About remote code execution in Grand Theft Auto Online for PC

On January 21, 2023, popular Rockstar Games dataminer Tez2 reported a dangerous mod menu in GTA Online. According to him, modders and hackers can corrupt, exploit, ban and even delete other players’ accounts at any time.

#GTAOnline PC High Alert⚠️New extreme exploits have surfaced that allow cheaters to remotely add/remove/change your stats and permanently destroy your account, aka ban/delete. Please avoid playing without a firewall rule or playing at all!🚨Thank you @HarryGotTaken to notify.

Tez2 shared two images showing the features of the mod menu and how it will affect players. One of the images shows the following exploits in GTA Online:

  • Give players XP and ranks
  • Unlocks
  • Put players in Badsport lobbies
  • Corrupt player accounts
  • Remove in-game money from players’ accounts
  • Give free money to players
  • Reset mission cooldown
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In another image, several players can be seen getting a boost to rank 7999, which is certainly a unique thing in the game.

Soon after the tweet, PC gamers started avoiding the game to protect their computers and personal data. While Rockstar assured players of a bug-fixing title update via its official technical support site, Rockstar Support, it has not been released yet, leaving players unhappy.

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