GTA Online hack can reportedly destroy game data and ‘affect your PC’

GTA Online hack can reportedly destroy game data and ‘affect your PC’

Published: 2023-01-21T17:35:04

Updated: 2023-01-21T17:35:14

GTA Online community mainstay ‘TezFunz2’ has issued a warning about a hack that can corrupt game data and have negative effects on a player’s PC.

Hacking has been a long-standing problem in GTA Online. From vicious cheats that can earn other players bad sportsmanship penalties to light-hearted things like spawning an elephant in the middle of Los Santos, it’s a well-traveled topic in 2023.

However, the community is upset about the situation again thanks to a new cheat code that allows hackers to completely delete characters from the game, potentially ruining hundreds of hours of gameplay for an unfortunate target.

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GTA Online’s “Remote Code Execution” hack raises concerns

TezFunz2 first issued a warning to players reminding them to play with a firewall at all times if they want to avoid someone jumping into their lobby and getting them banned – or hit with the aforementioned penalties.

“New extreme exploits have emerged that allow cheaters to remotely add/remove/change your stats and permanently destroy your account,” he announced. He also urged users to stay completely offline until further notice, if they can help it.

“The exploit is partly remote code execution. Paid mods are rampant as we speak to further abuse this. This can turn into something much worse to extend beyond a game and affect your PC.”

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The insider also revealed that this is “at the top of the highest priority tasks internally right now” for Rockstar, and that developing a fully remote code execution could add “legal pressure” to the situation.

It’s important to note that these hackers don’t need to be invited to a session to join it, which is what makes a firewall so important to keeping potential victims safe. All in all, it may be safer to stay off the servers until the development team gets a handle on the situation.

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