Gruesome Dead Island 2 Footage Shows Off Procedural ‘FLESH System’

Gruesome Dead Island 2 Footage Shows Off Procedural ‘FLESH System’

With just a little more time until Dead Island 2’s release, some footage has been shown demonstrating the game’s gory sharding feature.

For those who like their action games to be particularly gruesome, the team behind the upcoming Dead Island 2 has shown off the sequel’s procedural splitting function in what is called the “FLESH System”. Many people are excited about this upcoming zombie game, which has been in development for a while. Originally slated for launch back in 2015, fans have been patiently waiting for the follow-up to Techland’s 2011 release, and finally the game is within reach.


While the first Dead Island wasn’t incredibly well received, released at a time when the zombie genre was starting to die down, many people felt it had one of the best horror game trailers out there. The teaser expertly tugged at the heartstrings and played in reverse, telling the harrowing story of a family torn apart by the outbreak. In fact, it was probably this trailer that drew people in in the first place. However, the sequel has gone for a much more irreverent, even overtly comedic, approach, and players are looking forward to what’s on offer.

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In the meantime, some additional footage has arrived from Dead Island 2 which specifically showcases the game’s procedural sharding mechanic. In a recent video uploaded to Game Informer’s YouTube channel, Dambuster Studios’ Senior Render Programmer Aaron Ridge and Technical Art Director Dan Evans-Lawes discuss what players can expect when they go head-to-head with hordes of zombies in Dead Island 2. In the footage, the FLESH system can be seen in action, with Ridge saying players can keep damaging enemies with a “progressive feel” that leads to that much more damage as flesh, clothing and limbs are hacked and sliced ​​away with each swing.

It’s a very gory, almost realistic looking system, so it should appeal to players who like the idea of ​​mutilating a zombie into a bloody pulp. Ever since Dead Island 2 revealed new trailers in August 2022, fans have been excited for this long-awaited follow-up. At a time when the zombie franchise seems to be coming back into vogue, Dambuster’s incoming release may stand tall among other contemporaries that Dying Light 2 and remake of Resident Evil 4.

It is also confirmed Dead Island 2 will not have skill trees, as is the tradition in action RPGs. Instead, the developer has opted for the Skill Deck system, which will change how players change their character’s skills. Whether or not this system will play to the game’s strengths remains to be seen, but all being well, there’s not much longer to wait to find out.

Dead Island 2 launches on April 28 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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