Gotham Knight’s best abilities/skills for Batgirl

Gotham Knight’s best abilities/skills for Batgirl

Of the four playable heroes in Gotham Knights, Batgirl fits several different roles. Batgirl is a tough physical fighter who supplements her loadout with hacking skills, making her a very balanced character that can be useful in combat and during stealth. This guide will break down her best skills and how to put them to good use in battle.

Gotham Knights has four skill trees for each playable character, with each character having access to a wide variety of skills to create their own niche in gameplay. For Batgirl, these skill trees are “Justice,” “Grit,” “Oracle,” and “Knighthood.”


Justice grants her skills that enhance her direct combat skills and allow her to deal additional damage with heavy attacks and critical hits, and it also grants her resistance to stun while using the beatdown ability. Grit is defense-focused, giving her extra health and defense, some self-healing ability, and even a limited-use ability to revive.

Oracle gives her access to powerful hacking abilities that allow her to manipulate the battlefield and mess with security systems from a distance. Her knight skills provide access to her unique glide ability along with a variety of combat tools.

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Table of Contents

Best Justice Skills

As mentioned earlier, Justice is Batgirl’s offense-focused skill tree, and many of these skills will help her dish out tons of extra damage during combat.

Elite Beatdown & Piercing Beatdown

These two skills work together to give Batgirl a hugely powerful super attack in the form of Beatdown. By default, Beatdown is a guard-breaking barrage of attacks that dish out heavy damage, but adding Elite Beatdown makes it nearly impossible for enemies to interrupt and increases her defense by 20% while she’s using it.

This alone greatly improves usability, but investing in Piercing Beatdown can also cancel the red attacks used by enemies like Mob Godmothers, Regulator Shockers, and Freaks using ball and chain weapons.

Heavy weight

Another particularly notable Justice skill is Heavyweight, which increases Batgirl’s heavy melee damage by 10% and also increases overwhelming elemental effect by 20%. Stun can leave enemies incapacitated and unable to fight back for a short time, so being able to dish it out more effectively allows Batgirl to take control of the battlefield by prioritizing the more dangerous targets.

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Best Grit Skills

The Grit skill tree gives Batgirl tremendous survivability in combat, making her fantastic for solo play and also a great tank for drawing enemy focus during group play. These are some of the best Grit skills out there.

Second Wind & Vigilante Resolve

Second Wind, which is the best skill in this tree for increasing Batgirl’s survivability, allows Batgirl to revive from defeat at 50% health once per battle. This allows her to recover from a dire situation and turn things around, and if players also take the Vigilante Resolve skill, she can use this skill twice in a single encounter.

Feeling of victory

Sense of Victory is a spectacular addition to Batgirl’s arsenal for the longer and tougher battles common to Villain case files and the main story. Sense of Victory allows her to restore some of her health when she defeats an enemy. Any defeat will restore 4% health, but taking down the enemy with a grapple attack or a takedown will restore 8% health instead, which can be fantastic for keeping Batgirl in the fight longer.

Enemy Counter Focus

Another useful addition to Batgirl’s setup is Enemy Counter Focus, which increases her defense by 75% when hit by enemy counter attacks. Since counterattacks can sometimes be difficult to detect and avoid, this can be a useful way to reduce the damage they can cause.

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Best Oracle skills

As the resident hacker of the group, Batgirl can use these skills for weapons while exploring and in battle. These are some of the best skills available from the Oracle skill tree.

External hacking and hacking overload

Perhaps an obvious choice, as it is required to access the rest of the skill tree, but Remote Hacking is exceptionally useful when exploring the game world and sneaking around enemies. Remote Hacking allows Batgirl to disable electronic devices remotely by aiming at them in AR mode and pressing the designated button.

Upgrading to Hacking Overload allows Batgirl to cause electrical explosions and rewire devices to target enemies. This allows her to use enemy traps and security systems against them to great effect.

Super health packs

This handy skill allows the health packs to restore 20% more health and also boosts Batgirl’s defense by 50% for 10 seconds, making them very useful and more effective during long fights. In multiplayer, it’s also worth picking up Health Packs + to share the effects of health packs with nearby allies, while further increasing their effectiveness.

Shocking devices

This excellent skill allows players to supercharge enemy weapons and other electrical devices to electrocute them, knock them down, and deal some damage. This can be very useful in preventing large groups of enemies from overwhelming the player during combat, and is particularly devastating against the Regulators due to their heavy reliance on technology.

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Best Knight Skills

The Knighthood skill tree is slightly different as it must first be unlocked via the Knighthood challenges before any of the skills can be unlocked, and the very first skill in the tree is automatically acquired at no cost when the skill tree is unlocked. Here are the best skills in the Knighthood tree.

Grip pull

This skill is fantastic for increasing Batgirl’s combat mobility and simply allows her to use her grip on enemies during combat. normal enemies will be pulled towards her while targeting large enemies allows her to pull towards them. This allows her to extend her combos and continue to push her attack, and can also be used to draw enemies away from allies.

Improved combination

Another big skill for Batgirl is Enhanced Combo, which adds an extra attack to both her melee and ranged combos, extending her combos and allowing her to dish out more damage. The last hit of the melee combo is also a knockdown, leaving enemies briefly incapacitated on the ground after her attack.

Drone ambush explosion

Drone Ambush Blast is a very potent ability in group fights, allowing Batgirl’s summoned drone (unlocked along with the Knighthood Skill Tree as a Momentum Ability) to create a large burst of damage when summoned that knocks enemies down. This allows her to dish out massive damage to a large group of enemies, mitigating her general lack of AOE attacks otherwise.

Gotham Knights is now available for PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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