Google brings the all-in-one Health Connect feature to Android phones

Google brings the all-in-one Health Connect feature to Android phones

With more than three billion active user bases, Android is the largest mobile ecosystem. To cater to everyone, the Play Store houses millions of apps in multiple categories like news, taxi deals, food, public services and health monitoring as well. The latter in particular is now more prominent than ever before. Given how the world went into hiatus mode for two years due to the Covid-19 outbreak, people were couped at home with both housework and professional work, and there was very little room for exercise. Now people focus on improving fitness.

There are hundreds of third-party apps that offer basic features like calorie burning, water reminders, idle alerts to personalized training with an on-demand personal trainer. With too many apps on your phone, it’s a bit difficult to monitor your overall health. The storage space will also be reduced and you will not be able to add more photos to the album.

Now Google has come up with a solution – Health Connect – that integrates all fitness and wellness apps under one roof for easy access and offers comprehensive health and fitness summaries covering – sleep tracking to vital signs – 40-plus data types across six categories. Users will also be able to manage app permissions in one place, with detailed controls to see which apps have access to data at any given time.

Several app companies such as Oura, MyFitnessPal, WeightWatchers and Lifesum. others have embraced Google’s Health Connect.

With Google Health Connect, users can view extensive data in one place. Credit: Google

“In the past, developers had to establish multiple API connections to share data between different apps, and each integration was expensive to build and maintain. This limited developers’ data sharing capabilities and made it difficult for users to unlock that data for use in different apps . Now, with Health Connect, building integration with a new app is as easy as loading new data from Health Connect, rather than building an entirely new integration,” said Sara Hamilton, Developer Relations.

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As of now, the Health Connect integration feature is available for a handful of apps and is expected to expand to other health and fitness-related apps around the world in the coming weeks.

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