God Of War tried multiplayer too early

God Of War tried multiplayer too early

God of War’s forgotten multiplayer mode was introduced nearly a decade ago, but it might have been a great addition if it were implemented now.

god of war has recently made a comeback with God of War Ragnarok, but the title is missing a feature that was explored prior to the franchise’s renewal. Before Kratos’ jump to PS4 and the world of Norse mythology, God of War: Ascension was released that preceded every other release in the narrative’s timeline. Players could experience what happened to the Ghost of Sparta right after he broke his blood oath with Ares. In addition to the main campaign, God of War: Ascension was the first entry in the series to explore multiplayer. While the multiplayer was solid, its inclusion would have been better suited for God of War Ragnarok.


After a long hiatus, fans welcomed Kratos back in 2018 god of war, which allowed players to control Ghost of Sparta in a completely new way. When God of War: Ascension was released in 2013, it was the sixth GoW title to feature its trademark hack-and-slash gameplay. It’s a style fans have been used to for years, but it may not have been the best choice when trying to break out a new, unique multiplayer experience. The 2018 century god of war and Ragnarok moved away from the franchise’s traditional hack-and-slash elements to make gameplay more methodical with less button-mashing. If implemented in multiplayer, users could expect matches to be similar to Ubisoft’s In honor franchise. Players must carefully plan each attack and outwit their opponents while using every ability at their disposal. The more mechanically interesting style of play from Ragnarok might have helped Ascensionits multiplayer, but the title suffered from other problems.

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Standalone multiplayer could be the answer for God Of War

Kratos from God of war: Ragnarok in Steinbjorn Armor Set.

God of War: AscensionThe overall performance of Santa Monica Studio may have turned off the idea of ​​playing multiplayer again. According to VGChartz, of all people GoW games released on console (not including collections) Ascension sold the worst. This may be partly due to the fact that the game was released a few months before the release of the PS4. Combining this with minimal innovation to the reused combat system and a lackluster story, Ascension ended up being a pretty forgettable installment for the series. With soft restart off god of war to be one of the highly anticipated game sequels released in 2018 alongside The last of us part 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2is it possible gamers were less fascinated by another prequel too GoW and became more intrigued where the games could take Kratos next. This was of course resolved when the franchise made its triumphant return with the 2018s god of war. Although recent installments have moved away from multiplayer to focus on giving players an immersive campaign, it’s not impossible to see a multiplayer mode down the line.

It may seem like god of war will never try multiplayer again, but if Santa Monica Studio follows in Naughty Dog’s footsteps, there might be a chance. The last of us was one of the few single player games with a surprisingly good multiplayer mode. When Last of us part 2 released without it, many were disappointed, but the developer promised it instead to include multiplayer TLOU part 2, it would instead make the multiplayer a separate game. If Santa Monica adopts this strategy, possible fans could see a standalone multiplayer expansion in the future. Although, with Ascensionmultiplayer launch nearly a decade ago, gamers eager for more god of war multiplayer should not hold their breath.

Regardless of Santa Monica Studios’ decision to pursue multiplayer again, it sure is god of war will not soon disappear with the success of their latest entries. God of War Ragnarok concludes an amazing saga, and players will always yearn for more content. Multiplayer with the newly revamped gameplay would have been a sight to behold, but for now, fans can only wonder what it would have been like if Santa Monica Studios hadn’t tried it years ago.

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Source: VGChartz

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