God Of War Ragnarok and 9 Other Best Viking Games, According to Reddit

God Of War Ragnarok and 9 Other Best Viking Games, According to Reddit

The recent release of God of War Ragnarok has sparked interest in other games that are heavily based on Viking and Norse mythology. Titles that feature beautiful Scandinavian landscapes, exciting Viking legends and Norse gods seem to be all the rage these days.

There have been many medieval games that primarily focus on Viking history, from tactical RPGs Bad north to the critically acclaimed triple-A game God of War (2018). Gamers on the social media site Reddit have given their two cents and chosen the best Viking games.


God Of War Ragnarok (2022)

Image of Kratos calming the bear form of Atreus with Freya looking on in the background.

The follow-up to the winner of Game of the Year 2018 god of war continues the story of Kratos and Atreus in the Nine Realms. God of War Ragnarok introduces new Norse characters to the saga and elevates the game’s hack-and-slash gameplay by adding more mechanics and skills.

Redditor eamonnanchnoic raves about the newly released game, praising the Viking game’s enemy designs that feel “more grounded” and the tone that is “darker than the first game.” They also highlight how the game’s acting and animation effectively sell the emotional aspects of the game. Undoubtedly, God of War Ragnarok is one of the best entries in the long-running franchise.

Official promotional image for the first game in The Banner Saga trilogy

Largely inspired by Viking mythology Banner Saga Trilogy is a tactical role-playing game from independent game developer Stoic Studio. Although there are no actual Vikings in the games, the game’s fictional world and plot draw many elements from Norse mythology, complete with medieval caravans and Scandinavian landscapes.

Reddit user Gwynbleidd_1988 proclaims that Banner Saga Trilogy is one of their “favorite games” of all time. However, they believe the game is “criminally underrated” despite capturing the “Norse aesthetic and feel” compared to other games about actual Vikings.

God of War (2018)

Image of Kratos in God of War (2018) shouting angrily at the sky.

After laying waste to Olympus, Kratos finds himself in Middle-earth with a son named Atreus i God of War (2018). The eighth mainline game in the franchise looks at Norse mythology and features familiar creatures and gods such as the Valkyries, Thor and Odin.

In a Reddit comment, herecomesbeccanina9 notes that they think the game is excellent thanks to its “great story” and “really fun” combat. In addition, they also appreciate that the game rewards them for “exploring. God of War (2018) is visually impressive to boot. For fans of Vikings and Norse lore, God of War (2018) is a game not to be missed.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (2017)

Senua overlooks the coast from Hellblade

The game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is an amazing achievement by the independent game studio Ninja Theory. Influenced by both Celtic and Norse mythology, the game follows a warrior named Senua who must cross the realm of the dead to prevent her lover from being taken by the goddess Hela.

In a Reddit thread about great Viking games, Tyctoc suggests Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice although it is a “lesser known” story-based title. They note that the gameplay is short at “about 5-10 hours”, but despite that they consider it fantastic, in part due to its immersive story, diverse game mechanics and its respectful representation of psychosis.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (2020)

Eivor on top of a mountain in Glowecestrescire in Assasins Creed: Valhalla.

Players who have dreamed of becoming a Viking warrior will definitely like it Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The game mainly touches on the encounters the Vikings had when they expanded to the British Isles. In the game, players are placed in the shoes of a Viking raider named Eivor Varinsdottir who is on a mission to start a new Viking settlement in England.

According to Redditor i-like-drum, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a great Viking game that is “heavy story driven” while also having an “open world” so it allows players to follow the exciting story closely without condoning them. They also note that players do not need to play the other games in Assassin’s Creed franchise to understand the story, which is great for those new to the franchise.

Crusader Kings 3 (2020)

Crusader Kings 3 Cover

Set in the Middle Ages, Crusader Kings 3 have different factions and dynasties. In the Northern Lords expansion pack, players can gain access to content that primarily draws inspiration from Viking Age Scandinavia. Such aspects include Nordic kingdoms, holy warriors, shield maidens, Nordic cultural objects, as well as Norse music and art.

Reddit user Gwynbleidd_1988 highly recommends it Crusader Kings 3 in a thread about great viking games since it’s “very complex” while also being “noob friendly”. Crusader Kings 3 can be a great strategy game for newcomers to the genre, but it also allows players to elevate their own gaming experience and create a complex, sprawling realm.

For Honor (2017)

For Honor Gameplay MOBA Soldiers

Ubisoft’s In honor allows players to expand their historical knowledge by introducing warriors and warriors of the past, such as samurai, knights – and of course – Vikings. In the fighting game, players can choose a Viking warrior who has his own skills, fighting styles and weapons.

According to Redditor, Jebarani i For Honor’s Vikings “faction”, players will definitely “enjoy the warlord”, who is a heavy class character who wields a Viking sword and uses his Viking shield to deal damage to enemies. Other characters available to play under the Viking faction are Valkyrie, Highlander, and Jormungandr. Because it has deep Nordic history, In honor is a highly rated Viking video game on Metacritic.

Bad North (2018)

Viking themed game Bad North Viking Edition

Developed by indie game studio Plausible Concept, Bad north is an excellent real-time strategy game that has received high scores on Metacritic. The mechanics of the game are simple: players must prevent Viking warriors from getting to the people of their kingdom.

Reddit user Pavis0047 recommends Bad north as it’s a “really fun” but “super toned-down strategy game” featuring Vikings. While there may be a lot to be desired with the game’s narrative, Bad North is a charming tactics game that has polished graphics and simple gameplay.

The Lost Vikings (1993)

The Lost Vikings

There is a lot of good game selection on the SNES, despite it being an old console. The Lost Vikingsa puzzle platformer developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is one of the most memorable games on the console that features Viking elements and lore.

Redditor Fallalgi keeps it simple by saying that The Lost Vikings is an “old gem” on the SNES. Despite having dated graphics, the gameplay is too The Lost Vikings still holds up and the game’s three primary Viking characters ⁠— Erik, Baelog, and Olaf ⁠— remain iconic as they appear in other Blizzard Entertainment games.

Valheim (2021)Two Valheim characters sitting by the fire

Even when inspected from all aspects, Valheim doesn’t look like a game that was made by a five-man team. Despite only being available for PC through Early Access, Valheim has already gained many fans. The Vikings game sees players attempt to reach Valhalla by defeating the enemies that roam Valheim.

A comment from Redditor fernandollb highlights how Valheim has hooked players thanks to its intense “sense of mystery and exploration”. The procedurally generated aspect of the gameplay also makes each playthrough “unique” and “magical”. The open world survival game will be released for Xbox players sometime in 2023.

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