God of War Fan Makes Janky Remake of the Game in Just Five Days

God of War Fan Makes Janky Remake of the Game in Just Five Days

A God of War fan decides to challenge himself by creating his own version of the game in just five days using simple assets.

ONE god of war fan decided to create his own version of the game in just five days, asking the question who can do it better, a multimillion dollar studio like Santa Monica or a “random bozo”. Provided that God of War Ragnarok gets very high scores from critics, the official developer might be better suited to make such a game, but it seems like this person is going more for a comedic attempt rather than a serious remake that can challenge the official releases.


As one of the most famous hack and slash franchises in gaming, god of war has been around for quite some time, with the first entry coming out in 2005. It’s pretty much been a mainstay of the genre ever since, especially on PlayStation, and the 2018 reboot helped breathe new life into the series and Kratos himself. Now that the follow-up is just around the corner and likely to do well judging by current reviews, the future looks bright for the axe-wielding, bearded protagonist. Whether or not Santa Monica Studio will start working on another installment after this cannot be said, but for now it’s this fan’s frivolous attempt.

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As discovered by The Gamer, a YouTube user known as DanCS set himself the challenge of making his own remake of god of war, or at least a rudimentary imitation of it. Giving themselves only five days to complete the project, precious little time was wasted getting to work. The first couple of days were spent animating Kratos, using a basic model found online. This involved making him swing the ax in a pseudo-realistic way. Later came the enemies, who began life as T-posing zombies before being given a “full” turn. Finally, it ended with environmental settings, which the creator said came from a map their boyfriend made several years ago.

Kratos is one of the most powerful video game characters, so DanCS felt it important to emphasize that as best they could in a short amount of time. The final result is what many would expect for a game made in less than a week, even with readily available assets.

With god of war reboot is coming out on PC earlier this year as well Ragnarok is launching soon, fans of the series are more likely to stick with what the official studio has put out. That’s not to say that DanCS’s efforts aren’t impressive, but it’s safe to say that their project probably won’t put Santa Monica Studio out of business anytime soon.

God of War Ragnarok launches on November 9 for PS4 and PS5.

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Source: The Gamer

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