God of War fan gets massive Mimir tattoo

God of War fan gets massive Mimir tattoo

A God of War fan gets the smartest man alive tattooed on his arm, resulting in the exquisite art of a one-eyed Mimir brought to life by Freya.

ONE god of war fan, clearly passionate about the franchise, got a tattoo of Mimir covering most of his upper right arm. The smartest man alive became an instant fan favorite when he was introduced to the series, and god of war hasn’t been the same since his stories and jokes.

The sequel that was 2018 god of war served as a soft reboot for the franchise, previously a hack-and-slash series set in ancient Greece that traveled to Norse mythology and became a third-person action-adventure on the way. One of the figures that Kratos and his son Atreus come across during their quest is Mimir, imprisoned in a tree atop what the two gods believe to be the highest peak in all the realms. Mimir, once an advisor to Odin, corrects them and reveals the location they seek to be in Jotunheim, the land of giants, and offers his services. Unable to free him, Kratos then beheads Mimir and aptly nicknames him “Head”.


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An image posted on Reddit by sippin40s shows Mimir’s head no longer dangling from Kratos’ waist, but as a tattoo covering most of his upper right arm. The art is mighty impressive, perfectly capturing Mimir’s one-eyed gaze, inscriptions and horns. His missing eye is canonically accurate, as god of war In 2018, the trio retrieve it from the belly of the World Worm to get to Jotunheim.

The comments made the only thing one can do when discussing Mimir, who uses whatever quote he has that is most appropriate to the situation. “Oh, I felt that one brother,” and “don’t worry, it’ll pass” were a couple of the most upbeat, interspersed with other comments that were surprised at how well the tattoo turned out. God of War Ragnarok received less criticism for how much companions, including Mimir, talk and insist on giving answers to quests before players have had time to figure them out, so it’s nice to appreciate the more helpful dialogue as the smartest man alive is known for .

God of War Ragnarok was released to universal praise late last year, and players are still analyzing the game in depth. But beyond masterful displays of combat and discussions of the story, a fan just wanted to find out how everything looked from Mimir’s perspective. Given how he’s typically placed on Kratos’ waist, and how much the retired God of War moves in battle, it’s not surprising that such a video would consist of intense and incomprehensible camera shake.

God of War Ragnarok is available on PS4 and PS5.

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