Goat Simulator 3’s Ad Blitz Strikes Back With Leaked GTA 6 Game Footage, Draws DMCA Takedown From Take-Two

Goat Simulator 3’s Ad Blitz Strikes Back With Leaked GTA 6 Game Footage, Draws DMCA Takedown From Take-Two

GTA 6 Gameplay: The Grand Theft Auto 6 release date has been confirmed, but at this point it’s anyone’s guess.

However, Rockstar Games has stated that development of the game is ongoing. “Active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway,” said a footnote at the end of the GTA 5 Community Update back in February 2022.

Over 90 videos and screenshots of a very early alpha build of GTA 6 still in development surfaced online on September 18th. Rockstar has confirmed that the hack occurred and is working to remove the compromised data from the internet.

New information about the game’s setting, characters and gameplay has been revealed, of course, thanks to this first look at Grand Theft Auto 6. Read on to learn everything there is to know about Grand Theft Auto 6 at this point.

GTA 6 game
GTA 6 game

When will GTA 6 be officially confirmed?

Rockstar Games quietly announced that development on Grand Theft Auto 6 was “well underway” in February 2022 as part of a larger GTA 5 and GTA Online Community Update.

“On behalf of our entire team, we thank you all for your support and can’t wait to enter the future with you,” Rockstar said after announcing that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in “active development.”

In August 2022, Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive confirmed that GTA 6 development is “well underway” as part of the company’s financial results report.

With development well underway on the next Grand Theft Auto game, the Rockstar Games team is determined to once again set creative standards for the series, our industry and all of entertainment, just as the label has done with each of its frontline releases, according to Take -Two boss Strauss Zelnick.

Do the latest Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks seem legit?

On September 18, 2022, dozens of videos and screenshots from an alleged in-development build of GTA 6 were leaked online, marking a first for the series. You might be wondering if the Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks are legit.

And now Rockstar has confirmed the hack in a statement: We recently had a network intrusion where someone illegally accessed and downloaded sensitive information, including prototype footage for the next Grand Theft Auto game.

“We are extremely disappointed to have any details about our next game shared with you all in this way,” Rockstar said. “Once this next game is ready, we will release a new update and formally introduce it to you. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work through this crisis.”

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To avoid being “wiped out by Rockstar”, the GTA forums have spent the 48 hours since the GTA 6 leak surfaced removing all traces of the stolen screenshots and videos.

Reddit’s GTA 6 subreddit has removed all leak-related content, including links, images and videos, and says it will only return if one thing is changed: “We allow talking about the leak, but only if the leaks are not included. We will not tolerate comments that include links to the leaker’s download.”

Both Rockstar and Take-Two, the parent company, have issued statements since then. Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick called the leak “terribly unfortunate” and said, “we take those kinds of events very seriously” during a recent earnings call. Take-Two Interactive publishes Grand Theft Auto.

“Good news is that it doesn’t appear that any valuable assets were stolen, and the bad news is that the leak will not slow down development or anything. Although this development is extremely disheartening, this development has made us increase our vigilance in anything to do with cyber security.”

Will Grand Theft Auto 6 be delayed?

Immediately after the new GTA 6 leak, there was some concern about how the breach would affect the ongoing development of the new Grand Theft Auto game.

Rockstar has since stated that development on GTA 6 will continue uninterrupted, and that GTA 5 and GTA Online will continue to be secure.

“We see no immediate impact on our live gaming services or any lasting impact on the progress of our ongoing projects.

The next Grand Theft Auto game is still in development, and we’re as dedicated as ever to providing you, the players, with an experience that will blow away your wildest dreams.”

When is Grand Theft Auto 6 coming out?

Rockstar Games has not yet announced when Grand Theft Auto 6 will be made available. Although that hasn’t stopped internet sleuths from making their best guesses.

The 2025 release date for GTA 6 has been confirmed by multiple sources, and this date was included in a larger leak that indicated the next Grand Theft Auto game would take place in a futuristic version of Vice City.

This kind of speculation should always be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism, but the recent GTA 6 leaks seem to confirm an updated Vice City setting, so perhaps a 2025 release date is on the money.

But there are whispers that Grand Theft Auto 6 could come out as early as 2024. “Current and former Rockstar employees reckon GTA 6 is still at least two years away from launch, suggesting a 2024 launch,” it says the original Bloomberg article.

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The latest response from Microsoft to the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation into its acquisition of Activision Blizzard supports this.

Microsoft stated that “the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released in 2024” in the document.

GTA 6 game

Since no GTA 6 trailer has been released yet, it’s hard to speculate on the game’s gameplay or how it will improve on Grand Theft Auto 5. The leaked footage from early development shows that Rockstar is at least exploring and playing with new mechanics.

For example, the footage shows a new set of stealth mechanics being introduced, such as the ability for players to crawl while lying down and even carry bodies.

Additionally, the weapon wheel, which was revamped for GTA 5, returns in some capacity, and the leaked footage suggests that Rockstar is introducing new health-enhancing items such as painkillers.

The VCPD’s improved AI routines for tracking Jason and Lucia after you’ve gotten on their radar are also visible, as is the return of the Five Star ‘Wanted’ system.

While we wait for GTA 6, why not play one of the best Rockstar games ever made or one of these other amazing games like GTA? Failing that, use these useful GTA 5 cheats to wreak havoc.

Take-Two removes leaked GTA 6 ad from the Internet

After announcing its open-world mayhem simulator Goat Simulator 3 with leaked footage from this year’s Grand Theft Auto VI, developer Coffee Stain North has found itself under the thumb of Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two.

Those who saw the video before it was taken down (thanks, Eurogamer) say it featured a character named Shaun being interviewed about working on Goat Simulator 3 and bragging about his skills in animating ragdoll physics. The video has since been removed from video platforms following a copyright claim.

However, the video took an unexpected turn when Shaun discussed his work outside of Goat Simulator 3, saying: “I have things in the pipeline, other, huge game worlds. In fact, there is a film of myself that was leaked a few months ago.

Then, a shortened version of the leaked Grand Theft Auto VI video was played. Take-Two obviously did not approve of this, as the offending video has been removed from the internet.

The inevitable result has occurred and the ad can no longer be seen in any of the places it was originally displayed by Coffee Stain North. It’s possible that the developers anticipated this and were looking for publicity to help raise the profile of Goat Simulator 3 in time for the holidays.

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Since it has suddenly become noteworthy, I guess we should write about it here. The game has been out for a little over a month now (it came out on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S in November), but it hasn’t gotten any attention from anyone but the sickest of goats.

Previous entries in the series have alluded to other games in their marketing, such as the parody announcement trailer for Dead Island 2 released in June and referenced in Goat Simulator 3’s original announcement trailer. We’ve contacted Coffee Stain North as well as Take-Two for their thoughts on the matter.

The September leak of Grand Theft Auto VI was an unusual glimpse into one of the most anticipated games in the medium. However, Take-Two was not happy with this and was determined to remove as much of it from the internet as possible.

This included locking social media replies to prevent people from sharing or discussing the breach on social channels. We’ve sifted through all the stolen footage and gathered the most tantalizing details for you here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GTA 6 ever coming?

In response to an investigation by UK competition and market authorities into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the company said: “The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released in 2024.”

What year is GTA 6 coming out?

The main story once again features three main characters. The single-player game takes place over two different eras. Two of the chapters are set in 1985, while the others are set in the present day.

Why is GTA 6 taking so long?

Take-CEO Two stated that delaying the game’s release is preferable to making it a flop during a recent investor call. Zelnick explained that the company’s sales have been lower than expected this fiscal year and that developers should wait to release games until they are sure of the quality.

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