Glamzilla on Cult Classics and the TikTok hack she learned from a middle-aged man

Glamzilla on Cult Classics and the TikTok hack she learned from a middle-aged man

Chatting with Stephanie Valentine, better known as Glamzilla, felt like gossiping about makeup secrets and product recommendations with a friend while getting ready for a night out. Her personality delivered. She was friendly, warm, engaging and, of course, a wealth of knowledge on all things beauty – after all, there’s a reason she has over 1.6 million loyal followers on TikTok. We had an unfiltered conversation with the reigning TikTok beauty queen, and she even shares some things she never thought she’d say.

About the role dental care plays in her routine…

“Oh my God, it’s so important. Isn’t it important to your routine? It’s something you don’t really think about because it’s just something we do on a daily basis. So recently I’ve been using Colgate Optic White Pro Series Toothpaste ($10) and it changed my life. Look how white my teeth are. This is white [pointing to her top]. See, my teeth are whiter. I swear this is not cream. Actually, now that I see it, it’s kind of scary and pretty awesome.

I’m wearing a yellow-based red lipstick and I love it for me. So the toothpaste is phenomenal. You will notice such a big difference. It removes 15 years of stains from teeth because it has five percent hydrogen peroxide in it – that’s like most toothpaste has right now. It’s so important to me to start the day with breath that doesn’t stink and when I walk like this [runs her tongue over hr teeth], to make it feel clean. I think it’s so important, don’t you? I could survive with my hair in a bun if I didn’t wash it. But if my tongue is dirty or my teeth are not clean, it spoils the mood and you don’t feel like your best. So I think that’s the most important part of my routine.”

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On the dental care tip, she learned from TikTok…

“You know what I learned on TikTok? Take the mouthwash and gargle it before brushing your teeth. It takes out the bacteria. Then you go in with your toothbrush, floss, whatever and then rinse your mouth again. I learned it on TikTok. This 50 year old man said it, and ever since I started doing it. Oh my God. Life-changing.”

For beauty products, she always turns to…

“You know, I’m a classic girl. I love cult-classic products because I’m a beauty lover. There are so many things I like, but what I’m actually most passionate about are products that have lived through the ages and are still valid today because of how great they were when they were first launched. I think it’s cool or brands that have been able to continually step up their game and research and implement that into their formulas. Like a toothpaste or a red lipstick.”

On her career in makeup…

“It was the only thing I loved to do and I’ve been doing it for 12 years. I have been creating content for 12 years. I was just biding my time. I’m still waiting for my time.”

On her goal…

“I just want to be. I want to create and advance to the next level of womanhood. I feel like over the years I’ve had my teenage beauty stage, I’ve had my beauty stage, and now I’m kind of trying to develop her and whoever she is into what I’m going to be.”

On new launches that excite her…

“Anything glowing. I love it. Anything that makes me feel good. It’s not even about the product, the texture, the formula. It’s everything that makes me feel like me because I lived in the Instaglam era for so long and that’s where I kind of started my journey with beauty and now I’m just ready to look like me. Whether it has bright red lipstick on or not. Wearing lashes or not and getting to know my routine based on how I want to look. I don’t want my “staples,” “go-tos” and “this is what I’m excited about” every day. I just want to feel like me and do what I love.

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How much stuff do you get every day? You talk about beauty all the time. Don’t you want things that just make you feel like you, that make you feel good, that make you feel amazing? It’s not just a product. It’s a combination of all those products that just make you feel amazing, whether it’s a red lipstick or toothpaste.”

“I’m ready to feel alive again. I want people to play with glam or not. I want people to do what they want. Because after the pandemic, I feel that it is our time to be free, especially during the holidays. Don’t do things that are predictable. I never thought I’d say this, but forget the red lipstick. Play with berries, play with white mascara, do whatever makes you feel good, because I think it’s beautiful. So that’s what I want to see people do and just create because I think that’s where we’re going, everybody just being themselves and that’s so refreshing, isn’t it?”