Get the game going without sacrificing performance

Get the game going without sacrificing performance

Why choose between protection and performance when you can have both?

Does this sound familiar? You know that players are constantly being targeted by malware, exploits and attempted account theft, but you also know that security software has a reputation for slowing down your gaming rig. When you’re serious about gaming, slowdowns can decide whether you win or lose an online match – but they’re not as serious as malware ruining a perfect gaming moment, or worse: preventing you from accessing Steam, Epic or EA . account or cause anyone to obtain your in-game purchases or payment information.

The good news is that you can protect yourself from these threats without compromising your gaming performance. Kaspersky’s new security software is designed to protect your device without slowing it down and without annoying pop-ups that can easily distract you from the perfect picture.

The scariest things aren’t on your screen

For players, some of the online security threats are more dangerous than any last level boss. For example, in late 2021, Kaspersky researchers discovered a new advanced Trojan called BloodyStealer; it was sold on darknet forums and used to steal players’ accounts on major gaming platforms. And earlier this year, researchers discovered a vulnerability in Dark Souls III that could be used to gain control of a player’s computer.

There are many other examples: These days, having a gaming account means being a potential victim of hacks, security breaches and every other scam in the crooks’ playbook. You wouldn’t jump into an online battlefield without body armor or venture into a dungeon without a weapon, but every day players do the equivalent in the real world.

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Kaspersky has your back

In addition to protecting you and your accounts from exploits and malware, Kaspersky is also here to help you live your best digital life by making everyday things easier, safer and more secure.

Kaspersky security generates super-strong passwords that make your multiple gaming accounts extremely difficult to hack, and syncs them across all your devices so you can access everything quickly and securely, anywhere. Kaspersky Plus includes a premium unlined VPN to secure your Wi-Fi traffic when you’re out and about, delivering lightning-fast connections with complete privacy. And it can also remove unwanted and potentially performance-killing files and data from all your devices.

It’s serious security, but it won’t affect your gaming performance: Kaspersky has developed its latest consumer solutions to provide maximum protection without throttling the CPU. Just ask speedrunner Xiae, whose Doom Eternal speedrun broke the world record with a time of just one hour, eight minutes and 52 seconds – with Kaspersky protecting his PC the whole way.

Kaspersky Security

Protection that never sleeps

Kaspersky security never sleeps. Kaspersky Plus constantly monitors the Internet and dark web for data leaks and security breaches, for new exploits and vulnerabilities, for new attacks and new malware. This means that it constantly updates its threat database and protection, not only against automated attacks, but also against cybercriminals’ fraud and counterfeiting. It can also check your existing passwords to make sure they’re strong enough and create better ones if they’re not.

In addition to its powerful protection, Kaspersky security also includes a suite of tools that can help you fine-tune your PC, including fast startup, PC speed, and disk space cleanup. Gaming and Do Not Disturb modes automatically activate when you’re playing, working or streaming movies to ensure you’re not interrupted or suffering performance issues, and stalkerware protection, webcam protection and microphone protection ensure the only people who can see or hear you are the people you choose to connect.

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If you go for Kaspersky Premium, you get all the protection and security features of Kaspersky Standard and Plus, as well as priority phone and chat services, first-class technical support, remote installation by experts and personalized PC health checks. There’s also a smart and useful feature called Identity Protection Wallet, which stores copies of your most personal data – like your passport or driver’s license – and encrypts it so that only you can access it. And if you’re a parent, your package also includes a free one-year subscription to Kaspersky Safe Kids to keep the rest of your family safe and secure.

This isn’t an app. It’s an ecosystem

If you have used Kaspersky security products in the past, you will see that the new Kaspersky security looks very different. That’s because it’s evolved into something even bigger and even more important than a PC antivirus app: it’s an entire security ecosystem designed to offer cross-platform, multi-device safety and security, offering constant and up-to-date protection against all kinds of security threats from software to fraudsters.

That’s good news for all types of PC users, but it’s especially good for gamers: you no longer have to choose between protection and speed, because Kaspersky delivers ultimate protection without slowing you down for a millisecond. Think of it as God mode for the real world.

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