Get rid of mold, condensation and moisture: Dad describes his “game changer” hack

Get rid of mold, condensation and moisture: Dad describes his “game changer” hack

TikTok user Willmill19 took to his account to share how he “solved” his “moisture, mold and condensation problems”. The father installed a £400 device, which costs about the same as a light bulb to run, and solved the condensation pouring down the windows of his home.

He showed users of the social media app how the walls of his Victorian terraced home used to become soggy, leading to black mold and dampness. He used to rely on a dehumidifier and mold spray, but now he swears by the new gadget.

The humidity in the home dropped from 80 percent to around 20 percent in the home, thanks to him installing a PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) unit in his attic. Since he claimed, “the form never returned”.

What is a PIV?

PIV stands for Positive Input Ventilation, a system that ventilates an entire house by bringing in air from outside. The devices are usually installed in attics or walls, and they pump fresh air into the home.

This can be a lifesaver in winter when homes become stale and damp is the reason for mold to enter the home. PIVs help to eliminate condensation, moisture and mould, which is good for the property and for the health of the residents.

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Which? trusted dealers Environet say that PIVs can save about 10 percent of annual heating costs a year. However, there are some drawbacks, including that your home is already well insulated and has room for the device.

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In the video, Will said: “I used to have a dehumidifier and tried all the little tricks with mold removers. But last winter I installed a PIV unit up in the attic.

“It takes filtered air from the attic and just has a constant blast of filtered air coming out. That little bit of filtered air will make the house ever-so-slightly positive pressure and constantly ventilate our house.”

While a PIV unit is likely to cost upwards of around £300, commenters on Will’s post also swore by them. One wrote: “My partner fitted a PIV in our old stone cottage because the walls in our bedroom would drip in the morning. GAME CHANGER.” Another said: “My partner installed one in my Victorian house three years ago, it’s definitely the best £400 I’ve ever spent.”

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How to keep mold out of your home

If you can’t afford a PIV, how else can you prevent mold from appearing in your home?

Reduce humidity

Try to try to try your home. Investing in a dehumidifier can help, as can opening windows to air out your home every day, as long as it’s not raining.

Do not try on clothes inside

Although this is difficult in winter, with many people avoiding using the tumble dryer amid the cost of living crisis, drying clothes indoors causes dampness and can contribute to mould.

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Fix leaks

If there are leaks in your roof, walls or pipes, fix them as soon as possible. Water entering through these areas is the biggest culprit behind severe dampness.

A very common place for condensation to build up is in the bedroom, while people are sleeping. Warm bodies and breathing cause moisture in the air, which can often be seen on the windows.

Although this moisture is normal, it can damage property if allowed to build up. However, an expert has shared methods to stop condensation in the bedroom.

A real estate expert who posts under the username @thatpropertyguy said it’s important to keep the air in the dryer.

He said: “Keep it from happening by opening the window or getting a dehumidifier.”

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