Get military-grade password security with pCloud Pass

Get military-grade password security with pCloud Pass

Passwords, passwords everywhere! The pandemic saw an increase in the number of apps or other services that people signed up for to stave off the boredom of lockdowns, each requiring a password to access. This has led to a recent study showing that the average person juggles at least 100 passwords at any given time.

Maybe you like to change your Gmail password on reg just to be safe? Or perhaps you feel the need to stay one step ahead of hackers by having a multitude of different digital logins? Still, it makes you wonder how you’re going to keep track of them all. This is precisely why it is important to use a password manager. Password security has never been more important than it is today, and pCloud Pass is now one of the best and most secure of its kind on the market.


With a whole host of password managers out there vying for your trust and your subscription, let’s take a look at what makes pCloud Pass stand out from the crowd.

Why pCloud Pass?

Pass is the latest service rolled out by the impressive Swiss cloud solutions company, pCloud. With over 16 million users worldwide, pCloud is already the go-to service for secure cloud storage in most of Europe, and it’s growing fast. The new Pass function is a password manager that stands out as a superior choice in its field.

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Like all password management tools, pCloud uses digital technology to keep your passwords safe and accessible. This means it’s nice and easy to automatically enter your passwords when you log into a site without actually having to remember the password for each site.

What makes pCloud stand out from competing password managers like Dashlane or Lastpass are the extra secure and extremely useful extras it uses; secure bank card management, biometric security, and the fact that the tool is free to use if you only want it on one device. Let’s look at these features in more detail.

  • Fully encrypted storage: Unlike traditional password managers that use plain text, pCloud uses a military-grade encryption algorithm to store your passwords in the most secure way known to mankind.
  • Unlimited password storage: Unlike other password management tools, there is no limit to how many passwords, bank cards or useful notes you want to store.
  • Great value for money: You can get pCloud Pass Premium with affordable annual or lifetime pricing plans. Also, if you only want to use it for one device, it’s completely free! This free plan includes all the premium features in one device, which is pretty awesome.
  • Unlimited Devices: If you want to use it for more than one device, and that’s how you get the most out of this great tool, then there’s absolutely no limit to how many devices you can use it on. Increase your security on your phone, laptop, computer, tablet and anywhere you need to log in to anything that needs a password!
  • Easy password migration/setup: pCloud Pass is incredibly easy to use. Connect to browsers and apps to import your unsecured passwords automatically and in seconds. This saves a huge amount of time and collects all your valuable information in one convenient place.
  • Biometric Unlocking: Up your security game with fingerprint scanner and facial recognition. pCloud Pass gives you the opportunity to use this high-tech feature to completely replace your passwords without compromising on security.
  • Password Generator: Create insanely long and complex passwords for each account without worrying about forgetting them in one click with the easy-to-use password generator.
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Get secure and user-friendly password management with pCloud Pass

pCloud Pass has taken off in a big way since its launch in October 2022, reaching over 15,000 users in the first two weeks of its release. To get an account and start increasing your password security situation now, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Register with pCloud

pcloud registration

Registration couldn’t be easier. Choose a free trial of pCloud Pass Premium, pay for a Pass membership, or go for the free version.

Head over to the pCloud Pass website and get started.

Step 2: Download and install the pCloud Pass browser extension


Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be prompted to select the correct pCloud Pass extension for your browser. Click on your browser (we went with Google Chrome) and follow the instructions to install the extension.


Step 3: Sign in to the pCloud Pass browser extension

You should now see the pCloud Pass extension near the top of the screen. Click on it and log in.

Step 4: Create or import secure passwords

pcloud-pass-create-new (2)

You are ready to import and create passwords with pCloud Pass! It’s as easy as uploading a CSV file or connecting to another password management tool. You don’t need to do this immediately, so maybe just start creating new passwords, payment cards and notes.

pCloud Pass means managing your passwords has never been easier and safer, and with military-grade encryption security, you can sleep well at night knowing all your details are safe and secure.

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