Get 4+ months of free United status through Bilt rewards

Get 4+ months of free United status through Bilt rewards

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Bilt Rewards has burst onto the scene in the past year, distinguishing itself as the only transferable points program that allows you to earn points on monthly rental payments. But Bilt continues to push the envelope even further with interesting new offers and promotions – and this might be the best yet.

Starting today, October 27, you can unlock free United Premier silver or gold elite status for 120 days just for being a Bilt Rewards member … even if you just sign up for a free Bilt account. From there, it’s a pretty easy path to extend United status all the way through January 2024. This is from the November edition of its new Bilt Rent Day promotions, and it’s available to sign up until 11:59 PM PST on November 1st.

Exactly which level of United elite status you get depends on what kind of Bilt account you have. Everyday Bilt Blue members are eligible for United Premier Silver Status. To earn United Premier Gold status for four plus months, you must have a Bilt Silver, Gold or Platinum membership. They require earning 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000 points respectively in total to qualify each year – you can earn them by paying rent and with Car Mastercard®.

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But even at the lowest tier, there are some solid benefits available when you fly United just for having a free Bilt Rewards account. Here’s a look at what you’ll get.

united status benefits

Whether you already use Bilt or haven’t heard of it, whether you have United flights coming up or not…there’s really no reason not to sign up for this promotion.

To sign up for this promotion and unlock four months of United Elite status, go to the Rent Day tab in the Bilt Rewards mobile app. After linking your Bilt and United accounts and activating this Premier Status promotion, you should receive an email confirming your status within three weeks of signing up. Registration for the promotion is open until 11:59 PM PST on November 1st.

Bilt members will also have the opportunity to extend their United Elite status until January 2024 by meeting the following requirements:

  • For Silver Premier members: Earn 1,000 Premier Qualifying Points (PQPs) and four Premier Qualifying Flights (PQFs).
  • For Gold Premier members: Earn 2,000 Premier Qualifying Points (PQPs) and six Premier Qualifying Flights (PQFs).

Car United Premier Status

Car Rental day: 1 November Further details

In addition to the United status promotion starting today, Bilt Rewards members will receive even more benefits for Rent Day on November 1:

  • Serve 6x points per $1 spent on dining (usually 3x points per $1 spent)
  • Serve 4x points per $1 spent on travel (usually 2 points per $1 spent)
  • All other spending earns 2x points per $1 spent (excluding your rent payment)
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Additionally, all Bilt Rewards members will have the option to bring a companion to a SoulCycle class for free at over 50 SoulCycle locations nationwide. Classes can be reserved through the Bilt Rewards or Soul Cycle apps.

car card

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The bottom line

Starting today, Bilt Rewards members can unlock Premier status with United Airlines for the next four months as part of Bilt’s November Rental Day promotion. Exactly which level of elite status you get depends on your Bilt membership level—but either way, it can unlock some nice perks for your upcoming United flights.

Registration is open until 11:59 PM PST on November 1st, and you must register for the promotion through the Bilt Rewards mobile app.

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