Genius Primark gift wrap to save money by reusing festive bags

Genius Primark gift wrap to save money by reusing festive bags

TikTok users have shared their experience trying Primark’s reusable gift wrap hack. The high street store is helping to reduce waste with its paper bags that double as wrapping paper for your gifts. It also means that you don’t have to spend money on buying wrapping paper.

Deborah Hannigan is a make-up artist and TikTok user from Ireland who shares fashion and beauty videos on her page @deborah_hannigan. In a video, she explained how she was able to “reduce, reuse and recycle” thanks to the paper bag hack.

In a video, she said: “This is a little present I got someone for Christmas. It was only £6 from Pennies or Primark if you’re in the UK. And today I’m just going to wrap this up with the Primark bag.”

She showed how she cut off the top and bottom of the bag, leaving her with the striped middle section of the paper. Deborah then folded it neatly over the slippers and secured it with tape.

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She also discovered that there are tags in the form of gift tags that customers can cut out, which means you don’t even need to buy tags.

Similarly, Erin, who posts videos to her TikTok page @mumlifewitherin, was also pleasantly surprised by the hack. Sharing a video of herself wrapping presents with a paper bag, she said: “This was such a great idea.”

Erin also added a touch of shimmer to her packages by adding a red curling ribbon and bow. Her video has garnered over 4,000 “likes”, with viewers sharing their views on the hack.

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A TikTok user named Sian wrote: “This is brilliant but mine never survived the journey home.” Another user called Char said: “I actually love wrapping with Primark bags, much better quality than most of the paper I’ve bought.” TikTok user @tribemama added: “I did this too, looked better than I expected.”

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Primark have created a useful guide on their YouTube page which describes three different ways you can use the paper bag to wrap presents.

Primark’s guide to wrapping a gift with its festive paper bag

Step one: Cut off the top and bottom of the bag along the dotted lines so that you are left with the striped paper. Then cut the bag to the size of your gift.

Step Two: Place the gift in the middle of the paper and start wrapping. Tape the paper where it overlaps, and keep the paper tight around the gift.

Step three: Decorate your gift. Attach a decorative piece, such as a bow, and secure with tape. You can also add a gift tag at this point.

Primark’s guide to making a festive Christmas present

Step one: Draw a 30 x 20 cm rectangle on the wrapping paper.

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Step two: Cut out the rectangle shape.

Step three: Use cut-up toilet or kitchen roll cardboard tubes and place them on the paper to make a long cylinder. Place the tubes along the long side of the rectangle.

Step four: Roll the paper around the pipes and secure with tape where the paper meets. Leave a small gap between the center and outer tubes.

Step five: Tie a curling or gift ribbon in the small holes between the tubes. Before attaching one of the sides, stick a small gift inside the middle cardboard tube. Once both ends are secured, remove the cardboard tubes on each side to make a biscuit tin.

Primark’s guide to making a paper stocking gift card holder

Step one: Draw a Christmas stocking outline on the paper.

Step two: Cut out the sock shape. Make a new sock shape and lay the two flat on top of each other

Step three: Use a hole for the stocking with a measured space between the holes.

Step four: Pull the ribbon through the holes around the stocking and tie a knot at both ends to secure it.

Step five: Finally, it’s time to decorate. If you have any bows lying around, stick one of these on top for an extra touch. This small paper stocking is great for storing a gift card or other small item.

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