Genius hack shows how to clean a cutting board without a sponge: “Nothing compares”

Genius hack shows how to clean a cutting board without a sponge: “Nothing compares”

No need for a sponge—this woman’s cutting board cleaning hack uses just a lemon and some baking soda.

Holli (@hollicleans) is a TikToker who shares a wide variety of clever cleaning and organizational hacks. Holli has shared videos showing how she cleans her bathroom, organizes her child’s room and even how she shops. Recently, Holli shared a hack that was passed down to her from her mother. In the video, Holli shows how she cleans her cutting board using baking soda and a lemon. No soap or sponge needed!

The video begins with Holli transferring the dirty cutting board from the counter to the sink.

“My mom taught me how to clean my cutting board this way and honestly – nothing compares,” Holli explains in a caption.

Holli turns on the sink and sprays the tray with water. Then she lays the cutting board flat on the bottom of the sink and pours a generous portion of baking soda all over the board.

She makes sure that as much of the tray as possible is coated with baking soda. Then she cuts a lemon in half and squeezes the juice out onto baking soda. When the lemon juice and baking soda combine, the baking soda begins to bubble, making a satisfying fizzing sound.

After squeezing the lemon juice onto the board, Holli uses the remaining lemon halves as sponges. She holds a lemon half by the peel and scrubs the cutting board in small circles.

When the board is thoroughly scrubbed, Holli rinses it off with water and dries it down with a towel. She puts the cutting board back on the counter and shows the viewers how spotlessly clean it is.

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TikTokers have mixed reactions to the cleaning hack

Many viewers applauded the ingenious hack, while others were skeptical.

“I use salt and lemon, but it doesn’t get rid of the onion smell. I never thought of baking soda!” wrote a viewer.

“Super job!” commented another TikToker.

“I just rinse it off and call it a day,” wrote another TikToker.

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