Games24x7 is hosting the “Future of Gaming” hackathon on December 9, 2022

Games24x7 is hosting the “Future of Gaming” hackathon on December 9, 2022

Games24x7, India’s most valuable multi-gaming platform, brings you the “Future of Gaming” hackathon – an event where participants get a chance to hack into some of the coolest technological solutions in the most thrilling and exciting way.

The best talent will compete to drive meaningful innovation and work around futuristic themes such as “Preparing for 5G”, “Web 3.0” and “New technologies for games”. The hackathon will be an excellent opportunity for the many participating teams to deploy their skills and showcase their design and development skills to come up with compelling, strategic and new ideas.

The online gaming sector is among the fastest growing sectors in the Media & Entertainment space in India, supported by tremendous growth and strengthening of entrepreneurial talent. The integration of emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, hyper-personalization, augmented reality and virtual reality are driving immersive customer experiences. This meteoric growth, while providing a great opportunity for the coding community, also requires constant innovation. It will be interesting to see how a group of motivated tech talents leverage their skills and envision the future with their understanding of the sector and the technologies that drive it.

The online gaming sector thrives on innovation and formats like these increase the speed of thought and encourage young talent to come forward and contribute to new technology solutions. The dream of ‘India Techade’ can only be fulfilled if our talent is future-proof. Games24x7, with its ethos of ‘Science of Gaming’ at the heart of everything it does, organizes this hackathon to promote the scientific thought process and catalyze the enormous potential that exists in the technology community.

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Games24x7 is an online gaming company headquartered in India with a portfolio spanning games of skill (rummy, fantasy sports, carrom) and a platform for casual games (U Games). It was founded by New York University-educated economists Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman Thampy in 2006. Backed by marquee investors including Tiger Global, The Raine Group and Malabar Investment Advisors, the company specializes in using behavioral science, technology and artificial intelligence to deliver an amazing gaming experience across all its platforms.

With the ‘Future of Gaming’ hackathon, the company aims to provide a robust platform for the right talent to hone their skills and increase understanding of the space to realize the true potential of this sector. It is exactly the right place for the passionate game-changers who dare to challenge the status quo, are curious, futuristic and ready for a powerful challenge.

The best participants will get a chance to win exciting rewards. Details to follow.

Main themes of the hackathon:

1. Preparing for 5G: With the use of 5G technology, players will get fast and robust connections, low latency and faster response times. This theme will highlight the innovations that can be achieved with 5G.

2. Web 3.0: We live in the Web 3.0 era and the theme will focus on building an NFT-based ecosystem.

3. New technology for games: As the industry is flooded with new technology and innovations, the hackathon will feature some of the latest technologies in gaming and related features.

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Who can apply?

1. Product managers: People with strong experience in dynamic product management roles with an understanding of user needs. Those with experience conceptualizing ideas and building VI products, games and features with a defining vision for a product should apply.

2. UX designers: People with experience in design, wireframing, prototyping tools and designing cross-platform experiences. UX designers with proven experience and visual design expertise demonstrated through mock-ups and style guides.

3. Engineers: People with experience in product development, skilled in all object-oriented programming languages ​​(Java, Python, C++, C#, Kotlin, JavaScript, React Native, etc.), with an ability to build rapid iteration of product, game and function fulfill MVP – the requirements.

Hackathon rulebook

Hackathons have a set of fairly simple rules that must be followed. Participants will form teams of 6-8 members to build solutions using technology and tools of their choice from the three main themes in focus. Games24x7 will provide AWS account access for the 24-hour hackathon. The limited AWS services (such as EC2, DynamoDB, Sagemaker, Kinesis, SNS, SQS, Video Streaming, GamesLift etc) will be available to build and demonstrate the solution. The presentation format consists of a 5-minute presentation to the jury panel, a 5-minute demo, and an in-depth explanation of the code and approach used to build the solution. Evaluation will be made on the basis of innovation, demo, completeness of the solution and the problem’s relevance to the topic.

Lots of prizes

The winners will not only win a cash prize of up to Rs 4 lakh but also get more goodies along with social media bragging rights. But most rewarding will be the experience of getting started with cutting-edge technology and collaborating with other game geeks.

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So players form your “clans” and get ready for solid “camping” at the Games24x7: The Future of Gaming hackathon!

Hackathon goes live on December 9, 2022

For team registration, click here.

For individual registration, click here.