Games that really show the difference between 60 and 30 FPS

Games that really show the difference between 60 and 30 FPS

In the 80s, only a few people cared about framerate in video games. However, things have changed significantly in the last two decades, as high framerate has become one of the biggest factors in enjoying a game. Even today’s generation of consoles offer two modes for gamers today, allowing them to choose between performance or quality mode and play the game the way they want.

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That said, is there really that much of a difference between 60 FPS and 30 FPS? Is more framerate always good? Do all games feel better with higher FPS and really embrace it? The answer to all these questions is, yes. Let’s look at some of the best games that show 60 FPS is the way to go.


9/9 god of war

god of war has always been an over-the-top action-oriented hack & slash with lightning-fast combat and movement sequences. However, the latest game in the franchise takes everything to a new level by changing the camera angle and bringing the gory gameplay up close and personal.

god of war is an excellent example of how 60 FPS affects gameplay and the overall feel of combat. Also, players can truly experience the fury of Kratos at a higher frame rate, as it makes every single move feel more deadly than before.

8/9 Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Marvel’s Spider-Man came out on PlayStation 4 in 2018 and became one of the exclusive must-play games on the console. It has a fantastic story, great characters, nice plot twists and eye-catching graphics. In addition, the Marvel game has satisfying battles and has the smoothest web-swinging mechanics in the history of the famous superhero franchise.

With that said, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PlayStation 5 and PC took everything about the game and made it even better. It offered 4k visuals, ray tracing, better character models and lighting. However, the best addition to the game was a higher framerate, which made the whole experience feel more Spider man-as.

7/9 Cyberpunk 2077

Almost everyone knows Cyberpunk 2077, as it was meant to be a genre-defining action RPG in 2020. Unfortunately, it failed on all fronts, as the game barely worked at launch, and its release on last-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One made it feel even worse.

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Luckily, Cyberpunk 2077 turned around over the next two years as developer CD Projekt Red fixed many of the issues and optimized it for next-gen consoles and PC. The updated version of this RPG is truly a sight to behold, especially since it can now run at 60 FPS.

6/9 Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

Ghost of Tsushima came out in 2020 and became a must-play game on the PlayStation 4 console for various reasons. First, it had a brutal combat system and a seamless open world, making it one of the most immersive games in years. Next, it had a stunning visual design and painting-like aesthetics, which made it look jaw-droppingly good.

That being said, when did things change Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut came out on the newer PlayStation 5 consoles and became the most optimal version of the game. Developers at Sucker Punch Productions really nailed the upgraded version of their samurai game by letting players enjoy it in 60 FPS, making every battle move feel more deadly than before.

5/9 Rocket League

Rocket League is the most iconic vehicle game of the last ten years. Former Indie developer Psyonix really outdid themselves when they built this masterpiece on Unreal Engine 3 and used the physics system to make it the most advanced soccer game on the market.

At its core, this sports title is a simple game, but it gets more complex the deeper you get into it. Therefore, the 60 FPS mode on PlayStation 5 and the unlocked framerate on PC really add to that experience and help players pull off moves they probably can’t at 30 FPS.

4/9 Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

In 2019, Devil May Cry 5 came out on all major platforms and became the must-play action-adventure game of the year. Capcom’s hack-and-slash title was praised for its brilliant game design, character variety, stunning visuals and combat system. Unfortunately, last gen consoles didn’t do justice to the game as they don’t offer a flawless 60 FPS mode.

It was there Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition rolled out on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and gave players an unlocked experience similar to its PC counterpart. The higher frame rate looks great and gives players an edge while executing deadly combos with perfect timing.

3/9 Dark Souls Remastered

Dark souls is a genre-defining game and the title that brought developer FromSoftware their well-deserved fame. It’s a classic because it contains almost everything that makes a Souls-like game great, be it the tight combat, great enemy encounters, remarkable level design, and memorable lore.

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Unfortunately, Dark souls on last generation consoles was not the most optimal version of the game, as they had terrible frame drops, especially in areas like Blighttown. That was until FromSoftware was released Dark Souls Remastered and Windows and newer consoles, giving gamers the luxury of experiencing the cult classic at 60 FPS.

2/9 Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is a looter shooter that takes the iconic game series to new heights by offering better weapon mechanics than ever before. It is a game that players must play with their friends because of its co-op gameplay design and various other features. Unfortunately, the last generation version of the game had a limited frame rate.

It was there Borderlands 3 came out on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and offered an uncropped 4k experience that enhanced the experience. Also, the work of developer Gearbox Software really shines when the game runs at 60 FPS.

1/9 Any multiplayer shooter

Finally, the games that really show the difference in game quality at higher frame rates are online shooters. At 30 FPS, almost every multiplayer game will feel playable, but has a big impact on a player’s abilities and kill count. This problem is most evident in PC multiplayer games, since everyone has their own computer system.

One person can run the game at 120 FPS with 4k, while the other can struggle at 30 FPS with 900p. This inconsistency will almost certainly benefit players with higher framerates.

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