Games that have other games’ data hidden inside them

Games that have other games’ data hidden inside them

Developing video games can be difficult. There are a lot of development engines out there with a lot of code to tweak, assets to create and arrange, and then keep it all together without breaking the bank. Then everything must be done within set deadlines. The bigger the game, the more crucial it is to get it out in one quarter or another.

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Some companies move to crunch time, which burns everyone out, doesn’t necessarily lead to a solid product, and wouldn’t be worth the pain it causes anyway. Others cut a few corners here and there. Why reinvent the wheel when the old one works just fine? It just means that when some people delve into the game’s files, they will find some interesting surprises.


8/8 Sonic 3 has leftovers from Sonic 2

Hidden Game Data - Sonic 2 in Sonic 3

Sonic 3The development is almost as interesting as the game itself. First it was split in half to tie in with a McDonald’s promotion, leaving the remains of Sonic & Knuckles in Sonic 3 and vice versa. Then there was the drama surrounding Michael Jackson’s involvement in the soundtrack.

After all that, it makes leftovers Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Appearing in the game feels mundane by comparison. If people fiddled with the code, they would get the menu Sonic 2! It’s also functional, complete with a level selection function code. So there is a way to avoid fiddling Sonic 3its own ridiculously strict code.

7/8 Jun Kazama almost made it to Tekken 3

Hidden game data- Jun in Tekken 3

Tekken 3 was a departure from its predecessors. It had better animation, side jumping, and a whole new cast to play with. Even newly introduced characters Tekken 2 such as Bruce Irvin and Baek Doo San were replaced with new faces Bryan Fury and Hwoarang respectively. At least for some games. However, the developers seemed unsure whether to remove Jun Kazama, the mother of the new lead Jin.

She was another fresh face from the previous fight and had an ambiguous fate at the hands of Ogre. In addition, the arcade game has data for her hidden in it. She has a character track, complete with a portrait and voice clips reused from Tekken 2. However, choosing her will only give the player Nina’s model with Jin’s moves. Jin’s mortal father Kazuya also has a mention, but it’s little more than his name written in text.

6/8 Shin Akuma hides in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Hidden Game Data - Shin Akuma in SF3 Third Strike

Street Fighter 3: Second Impact brought Akuma back into the game as a secret character. Just like Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, if players did particularly well, they would encounter him as a special boss. If he wasn’t hard enough, beating him would just turn him into the more powerful (and cheaper) Shin Akuma.

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Only his normal version appears in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike as standard. However, if players tweaked the code a bit, they could actually play as Akuma’s “true” self. He is exactly the same as his Other impact counterpart, except that he is prone to freezing in mid-air during certain moves. But it’s entirely possible to beat the game with him and get his finish…provided players don’t mind fighting Gill twice in a row.

5/8 WWF Smackdown 1 & 2 has a tutorial video from Evil Zone

Hidden Game Data - WWF Smackdown Evil Zone Tutorial

PlayStation’s wrestling games paled in comparison to N64 games that WWF WrestleMania 2000 and WWF No mercy. But thanks to Yuke’s, the console got a nice swan song with the first two WWF SmackDown game. They were more basic compared to the N64 games, though that just made it easier to pick up and play.

They were certainly more playable than Yuke’s ambitious but heavy 3D fighters Evil zone. Nevertheless, it had a nice tutorial video that came in handy as dummy data to fill out a PlayStation disc. Yuke certainly thought so, as shown in both Smack down games, and two only for Japan Single 1,500 NOK wrestling game for the budget market. One of them had its own secrets.

4/8 Pro Wrestling 2 features portraits of unused secret characters for WWF Smackdown 2

Hidden Game Data - The Pro Wrestling 2 Inferno Match

If any of Simple the show’s wrestling was worth tracking down, it had to be Pro Wrestling 2. Apart from playing mostly like Smackdown 2it has many options like WWE games would either not use for years, like Inferno Matches, or would ever use as cement rings and electrified barbed wire rings. It also reuses many assets from Smack down games, like the HUDs.

But what’s more interesting are things beneath the surface. For example, it features unused cast portraits of WWE legend Andre the Giant, Bob Backlund, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Sergeant Slaughter. They never made it to the final version of Smackdown 2 (not without a Gameshark or Action Replay anyway), yet Pro Wrestling 2 have evidence that they came close to inclusion.

3/8 Metal Gear Solid 3 may have had Zone of the Enders 3 content in plain sight

Hidden Game Data – Guy Savage in MGS3

This minigame didn’t happen Metal Gear Solid HD collectionbut if players saved in the jail cell in the original MGS3 and Entertainment game, things would get weird. Instead of returning to Snake in prison, they would find themselves in a dreary gray world, playing a duel with a sword-wielding character fighting monsters in police gear. They would hack them up for a while, sometimes in overdrive, before finally breaking until Snake woke up.

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According to series creator Hideo Kojima, this was an ongoing level from a canceled game. The end credits refer to it as ‘Guy Savage’, but that was about it for new info, until the Tokyo Game Show in 2011. At a presentation for Zone in the Ender’s HD collectionthey revealed that Guy Savage was connected a project called ‘Anubis’which would have been a part of ZOE series. Possibly even a potential third entry, or more likely a spin-off from it.

2/8 CastleVania: Portrait of Ruin reuses previously unused Richter Belmont Moves

Hidden Game Data- Castlevania POR Richter Boss Fight

As CastleVaniaTheir 3D efforts flopped, their 2D entries continued to impress gamers on the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. The second DS game, Portrait of ruinfollowed Bloodlines protagonist John Morris son Jonathan and Castle Vania 3‘s Sypha Belnades’ descendant Charlotte enters Dracula’s castle. As a sequel to Dawn of Sorrowit has many holdovers from that game, such as the Ax Armor and Soma’s Bat-Morph.

There are even graphics from the PC Engine CD game Rondo of blood, as his version of the Carmilla boss. What is more surprising is that it takes away unused data Symphony of the night and finally uses it. Richter’s spin kicks, sweeps and super jumps in Portrait of ruin everything originally came from the PlayStation predecessor. They were either supposed to be attacks for his boss fight, or for the player to use during the campaign.

1/8 Judgment’s Light Yagami is in Yakuza Kiwami 2

Hidden Game Data - Beta Yagami Upgrades in Yakuza Kiwami 2

The PS4 remake of the Yakuza 2 was an upgrade from Yakuza 6, giving players more to do as the series’ perennial protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. Since both games were made in the Dragon Engine, it’s not a surprise that it had a few leftovers from the previous game. Although it is much more curious, it has much more data for what was to become Judgement. The Japanese HUD icons from the detective-based spin-off can be found in-game, from the style change icons to the Drone controls.

Best of all, it’s a prototype model of Takayuki Yagami with his old look made before Takuya Kimura’s involvement in the game. He has almost every move from the last game, along with some early Skill Unlock portraits. Some of them are similar to those for his Snake Style i Lost judgment also. Either Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio was so forward thinking, or it’s a coincidence.

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