Game-Changing iPhone Photo App Hack Revealed – How Did We Miss It For Years?

Game-Changing iPhone Photo App Hack Revealed – How Did We Miss It For Years?

YOU’VE been using your iPhone wrong for a while – there’s an amazing photo hack you need to know.

It all has to do with how you move photos around on your device.

Your iPhone Photos app has many hidden secrets


Your iPhone Photos app has many hidden secretsCredit: Apple

There’s a secret finger gesture that lets you quickly copy and paste photos.

Normally, sending a photo would involve tapping the share menu and going through various iPhone submenus.

But there is another smart option that you may not know about.

First, open a photo – it can be in your browser or in the Photos app.

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Then pinch three fingers together.

This is actually a little-known Apple gesture to “copy” an image.

Then go into an app where you want to send the photo – like WhatsApp.

Tap the chat bar where you normally enter text, then spread three fingers outward – like the opposite of a pinch.

This is how you quickly “paste” an image, or text if you prefer.

That’s not all

It’s not the only fancy method of moving photos.

Just go into the Photos app and hold your finger on a photo.

So without dropping, navigate to a Messages chat and drop the image on the character bar.

The image you selected will then appear in Messages.

You can even select and hold multiple photos at the same time.

And many apps support this feature, so you can share to multiple locations.

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It doesn’t just work from the Photos app either.

Late last year, we revealed how you can also share iPhone photos from other places – including Google Photos in a browser.

One more trick

Your iPhone has two tricks for hiding your photos—and it’s important to use both.

Maybe you’re trying to hide screenshots of a birthday present, photos of your weight loss progress, or something more intimate.

Whatever the case may be, remember that you can not only hide photos, but also hide the iPhone’s hidden folder itself.

So you get double protection from nosy friends.

“When you hide photos and videos, they’re moved to the hidden album so they don’t appear in your library, in other albums, or in the Photos widget on the Home screen,” explains Apple.

“With iOS 14, you can turn off Hidden Album, so that the photos are completely hidden.

“You can view photos and videos and turn Hidden Album back on whenever you want.”

To hide photos, select a photo and then tap the three dots in the corner.

Then select the option to hide the photo or video.

You can also select multiple photos and hide them all at once.

To view the image, simply follow the same steps but select view.

Hidden album is on by default, and is under the Albums tab in Photos – right near the bottom.

You can turn it off by going to Settings, tapping Photos, scrolling down and disabling Hidden Album.

Your hidden photos will remain hidden, but they won’t be visible in the Photos app.

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If you were particularly paranoid, you could move the Photos app from the home screen.

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But the Photos app always stays installed on your device and can be easily searched.

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