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Web3 will redefine the gaming industry. By leveraging the digital ownership enabled by the blockchain, game developers can create new experiences that empower players and empower them to take control of the worlds they love so much. Tokenization, the ability to attribute fungible value to in-game currency and items, allows players to build real portfolios out of their gaming activities.

Game developers want to do this. Empowering players creates thriving micro-economies in virtual worlds, allowing the games they create to live in a pantheon of experiences, rather than in isolation. Still, blockchain architecture is both new and difficult to prevent innovation in the space. Fungies is a set of tools that make the transition from web2 to web3 easy for developers and gamers.

Mushroom is web3 game infrastructure that allows developers to focus on doing what they do best – making great games. It gives them all the tools they need to integrate digital assets and blockchain interoperability into their games, allowing them to quickly and easily tokenize in-game assets that are compatible with the wider metaverse.

For players, Fungies acts as a gaming community meeting place through Fungie’s marketplace, allowing players to trade in-game assets both cross-game and cross-chain. The Fungies wallet, for players, is a launch pad for hundreds of gaming experiences, allowing them to get involved with a few clicks.

Mushrooms for developers

It is not easy to make a web3 game. Hundreds of talented developers have created excellent games that still don’t take advantage of the blockchain’s capabilities effectively, and if they do, the execution is clumsy – with players having to wade through ugly interfaces, poor wallet integrations, and several (not all) third-party apps. which are as secure as you hope) simply – in some cases – to start playing the game. There is a lot of wasted potential and wasted time for developers who either settle for clumsy integrations, or spend the time learning how to integrate their games with web3.

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Mushrooms solve the problem. It is a fully customizable NFT marketplace for blockchain game assets. Fungie’s SDK, along with its APIs, helps developers seamlessly tokenize their in-game economies and make them available to users, while ensuring they are interoperable with other metaverse economies.

Studio leads will also be able to manage NFTs, token, users and marketplace from a single, intuitive dashboard that allows them to see, at a glance, the health of the game, the number of players and the activity of their custom marketplace. Developers will be able to choose the chain, branding, the transaction fee and much more in addition.

Mushrooms for players

For end users, Fungie’s Wallet will abstract away the confusing elements of web3 for the end user. A player’s crypto wallet can be accessed through an email/password system which removes the need for them to be crypto-fluent.

From the wallet, website, and marketplace, users can dive into any web3 game using Fungies infrastructure, purchase in-game assets right before jumping in to play, or try games that don’t require tokens to play to view which experience they want to try next.

Fungie’s Marketplace and the Power of the Metaverse

Fungie’s marketplace will also let users understand what the latest hot web3 blockchain games are and what they should really play next. By standardizing the underlying web3 game infrastructure that developers use, players can easily buy/sell their assets from one game before taking it from one game to the next.

Imagine this, you’ve fought long and hard in the Dungeons of Smite, and through your efforts you’ve earned a legendary artifact with real value. But your time with the game is over, but you can’t wait to play Barrier Blitz, a game everyone is talking about. With web3 and Fungies, it’s easy to sell that sword directly for tokens, items, skins and accessories in the new game, or even just for crypto or fiat.

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This is one of the basic tenets of widespread industry hype about the metaverse, players never “waste” time again. They do what they love, but also create long-term value for both themselves and the games they play, value that can be converted into the new experiences that are built.

Infrastructure to change the future of gaming

The architecture for all of this is still in its infancy, and projects like Fungie’s are working to build it. By creating a simple set of tools that allow developers to create great games first and then save months of time by integrating it with web3, it allows innovation to reign. Traditional web2 game studios making the transition can also quickly and easily unlock the value of web3 in their games using Fungie’s SDK. In the future, Fungie’s toolset will include multiplayer infrastructure and LiveOps tools.

Gaming will be web3’s breakout moment in the wider public consciousness. When everyone realizes that they couldn’t, but that they should be rewarded for their presence and activity in a game (the only thing that gives an online game any value at all), it will create a seismic shift in the industry. All it takes are the tools to do it, and Fungies has built them.

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