Fulton insoles make all my shoes 10 times more comfortable

Fulton insoles make all my shoes 10 times more comfortable

You know how sometimes you look back at moments in your life and wonder… how? How did I ever cope that? Why did I ever use that? What was I thinking that haircut? Such mistakes are part of life – we live and we learn, after all. But it’s a mistake that I am so finished making and I only wish I had known about this hack earlier in my life. It would have prevented a lot of pain, literally.

Said hack? Fulton’s game-changing insoles. And before you grimace your face and say “insoles are for old people”, I suggest you give them a try. Sure, insoles may be “unsexy,” but that doesn’t make them any less important, and it’s never too early to focus on foot health. In fact, you’ll likely be able to prevent many pain points if you start adding them to your routine ASAP.

By now you know I’m a self-proclaimed shoe-obsessed. If I had to choose shoes over a bag, shoes would win by a landslide, but just because I love them doesn’t mean I’ve always made the best decisions about them. I’ve worn my fair share of bad footwear that ultimately led to some major pain, but Fulton’s insoles have transformed even my most uncomfortable shoes into a pair fit for 20,000 steps. Seriously.


Shop now: $38 with code NEW YEAR20 (Originally $60); walkfulton.com

Let me preface this: I’ve never used any other insoles before the Fultons, but I’ve heard that some can be a bit complicated. Fulton is not. There is no initial trimming or shaping required; you simply buy your regular shoe size and slip them right into your shoes. They’re also built with what the brand calls “custom molding technology,” which is a fancy way of saying they’ll mold to your unique foot shape and walking style.

After incorporating the insoles into my routine, I noticed that I could comfortably stay on my feet all day, unlike before when I would feel foot fatigue within hours of being out walking. I also didn’t have my usual back pain, which I always just assumed was a result of sitting at my desk all day. Turns out it was because of my non-supportive shoes.

Living in New York, I obviously do a lot of walking, which means I own a lot of sneakers—since I’m a sucker for stylish heels and cool booties, my collection fits. Naturally, I’ve tested Fulton’s insoles on different styles, putting them into everything from sneakers to boots. The end result is the same: ultra-comfortable shoes that I can easily walk 20,000 steps in.

Worth mentioning: The insoles work best with shoes that come with removable insoles, and there are two types, the classic, which can be used on any shoe, and the athletic, for your sneakers. Both get an extra 20 percent off right now when you use the code NEW YEAR20, which means I’m definitely stocking up. Shop them below.


Shop now: $38 with code NEW YEAR20; walkfulton.com

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