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Looking for someone free mobile games? There are plenty out there, from big names that offer free-to-play experiences, to smaller studios that offer some cash for your lack of cash, you can fill up your storage space in no time. So, to help you navigate the Google Play or App Store, we’ve put together a list of the best free mobile games, making it easier for you to find something and play.

For more exciting titles for your Android or iPhone, be sure to browse our lists of the best mobile puzzle games, the best mobile racing games, the best mobile strategy games, and the best mobile casual games. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more retro, check out our picks for the best GBA games and the best Game Boy games.

With that out of the way, let’s get into our list of free mobile games.

The best free mobile games

Screenshot of Marvel Snap characters Venom and America Chavez battling it out for free mobile game list

Marvel Snap

With studio Second Dinner formed by a bunch of Hearthstone’s most talented game designers, most notably Ben Brode, just to create Marvel Snap, you’d expect a game worthy of your time. Instead, you get something that eats up your time in two- to five-minute chunks for hours at a time, with the fast-paced gameplay giving off such strong “one more match” vibes that you may well find yourself still playing on 3 ER.

Here you can find all your favorite heroes, and a few villains to boot, in a mobile card game like no other. With simultaneous turns, a smaller pool of cards to limit the meta possibilities, and a balance across the roster that makes every play feel fair, it’s no wonder Marvel Snap revenue is through the roof. If you’re looking to jump into this super-powered title, be sure to check out our Marvel Snap deck guide and Marvel Snap team list.

Key art of Genshin Impacts' Cyno in the desert for free mobile game list

Genshin influence

Upon release, many believed that Genshin Impact was trying to cash in on the success of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with many comparisons between the two vibrant adventure worlds. Now, a few years later, Genshin is one of the biggest titles in the world, with tens of millions flocking to the game to experience Teyvat for all its serene beauty and mean boss fights.

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With so much available in the game now all these years after launch, it can be a little difficult to know where to start in Genshin, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back there too. Our Genshin Impact roster guide has plenty of information on which of the colorful casts to seek out first, while our Genshin Impact Traveler build guide can put you ahead with the first character you play as. Oh, and there’s our Genshin Impact code list too, in case you fancy a freebie.

Collage of Animal Restaurant screenshots of animals eating free mobile game list

Animal restaurant

If you’re a fan of a casual title and can’t turn down a cute face begging for a treat, Animal Restaurant is one of Pocket Tactics’ favorite free mobile games, with plenty going on in the kitchen to keep you occupied. If you can’t guess from the title, Animal Restaurant makes you the sole owner of a thriving mammal eatery, with cats, dogs, rabbits, frogs and more coming through the doors for some tasty snacks.

One of the best things about Animal Restaurant is that even though it has the ability to pay for in-game resources, you never feel like you have to and you can simply skip a few minutes a day to see your customers and leave the money come in. There’s also a host of adorable kitchen and waiters you can hire, so even if the profits don’t come in, at least there’s a tabby waiter to keep you distracted.

Coin master key art with thor and the pig for free mobile game list

Mint Master

Coins! Coins! COINS! If you want to make some serious – but still imaginary – moolah, then Coin Master is the game for you, with the slot-heavy title forcing you to collect cash to afford the village costs of Coin Master. These aren’t lame old Samey villages either, with locations ranging from LA-inspired Hollywood houses, to steampunk townships keeping things fresh as you continue your quest.

Even better, we’re giving out daily Coin Master Free Spins to fill your coffers with the precious resources you need to keep fixing all the fixer uppers. So if you’re feeling lucky and think you can help the Coin Master pig restore all the villages to their former glory, be sure to give this a try.

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The key art of flying Pokemon like Salamance, Altaria and more in Pokemon Go for free mobile game list

Pokémon Go

It’s only in the age of free-to-play mobile games that you can play a Pokémon title without breaking the bank, and that’s something we all benefit from. With over six years of updates, events and new monsters, Pokémon Go is something of a titan in the industry, pulling in huge revenue for The Pokémon Company and Niantic while offering a way for fans of the series to bring their favorite creatures to life .

The best thing about Pokémon Go is that it suits all kinds of trainers. Do you just want to collect? It is okay. Do you want to fight against your strongest monsters? That’s fine too. There are no expectations in Pokémon Go, outside of the research tasks, which means you can take it at your own pace, even if it just means enjoying a nice walk with a beautiful Butterfree. If you want to get in on the action, check out our Pokémon Go Community Day, Pokémon Go Raids, and Pokémon Go Events guides. Or grab some free bites with our Pokémon Go codes.

Key art of Cookie Run Kingdom with different cute characters on screen for free mobile game list

Cookie Run: Kingdom

If this list was written five years ago, there might be another sweet-as-sugar title on this list, but these days it’s pretty hard to ignore Cookie Run: Kingdom. Combining city-building, gacha and RPG mechanics, this treat of a free-to-play mobile title is one that you may find increasingly difficult to put down, with every element of the game designed to keep you engaged for as long as possible.

Still, the biggest highlight of Cookie Run: Kingdom has to be the wide variety of available players, with almost every sweet treat and baked good represented by their own in-game character. If you don’t believe me, our Cookie Run: Kingdom characters guide details each and every one of the playable possibilities, and you can also find some delicious tips on how to use them there. Or if it’s freebies you’re after, check out our Cookie Run Kingdom codes.

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Undecember key art of a scary horrifying demon for free mobile game list


Funnily enough, even after the release of Diablo Immortal, the best demon slaying game on mobile happens to be one of our picks for the best free mobile games, with Undecember handling the devil in all the right ways. With hideous beasts to boot, a wealth of dark and dingy dungeons to keep you on your toes, and more build options than you could shake a crossbow at, this is a hack-and-slash that will keep you hacking and slashing your fingers is numb, and then some.

If all that underworld exploration sounds like something you’re interested in, then we’re here to help. Our guide to Undecember builds and Undecember runes can teach you the basics before you jump into the deep end, and make sure some random undead spirit from the realms of evil doesn’t take you out of early doors. Trust me, it happens.

Key art for My Singing Monsters with all the monsters on screen for free mobile game list

My singing monsters

If you are a musical maestro who wants to try something more fun than hours of piano practice, or if you just want to make some noise and lack the classical training, My Singing Monsters combines the world of music with collecting monsters for a title that is much more interesting than it sounds. Simply put, the tunes these little horrors make are actually incredibly catchy, with the mechanics just as hard to crack.

Due to the large number of monsters available in the game, and believe me there are quite a few, we have a My Singing Monsters farming guide to get you started. Or, if you need some resources to buy your first budding singers, check out our My Singing Monsters gems guide.

There you have it, our picks for the best free mobile games. If you also own a Nintendo Switch, keep saving with our guide to the best free Switch games.

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