Free Fire diamond hack and mod are fake; here’s why

Free Fire diamond hack and mod are fake;  here’s why

Originally intended for low-end Android smartphone users, Free Fire has grown tenfold over the years. Garena maintained consistency and made notable changes/additions to the aspects of the game that led to massive player engagement. One of the key features that popularized Free Fire is the in-game collectibles.

Most of the time, players are required to make in-app purchases in the form of diamonds. This allows them to acquire various items in the game. However, getting diamonds is not suitable for many players, especially f2p players. Thus, more users use diamond hacks and mods to obtain diamonds in the game for free.

Understandably, any kind of hack or mod is illegal in any game, and the Free Fire or MAX version is no exception. Thus, one must avoid using hacks/scripts or other illegitimate tricks in the Garena supported Battle Royale game to keep their accounts in the game active.

Using diamond hacks and mods to obtain free Free Fire currency is a violation of Garena’s anti-hack policy

Things that lead to permanent account suspension (image via Garena)
Things that lead to permanent account suspension (image via Garena)

Since the game’s launch, hackers and cheaters have also grown with the active user base. Therefore, in order to keep cheaters at bay and maintain a fair gaming environment, Garena has adopted a “zero tolerance policy” to combat in-game hacking.

Therefore, players who are reported by other users or self-detected while practicing something that falls under the umbrella term of “cheating” will be banned from the game. Here are the actions that are considered cheating and should be avoided at all costs:

  • By using modified or unauthorized game clients.
  • Using unauthorized tools that interact with the game client.
  • Using unofficial programs that give an unfair advantage in the game.
  • Modifying model files to gain an unfair advantage over others in the game.
  • Using bugs or glitches to exploit the gaming experience.
  • Being detected for abnormal behavior in the game, i.e. using hacks.
  • Trying to bypass FF/FF MAX’s anti-hack system via an unauthorized local data transfer.
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Therefore, anyone found using diamond hacks and mods or other similar hacking/cheating tricks will receive a permanent account suspension. According to Garena, the decision on permanent bans is firm and irreversible, and any requests related to the “account suspension” will not be heard.

Garena's zero tolerance policy (image via Garena)
Garena’s zero tolerance policy (image via Garena)

The Free Fire Anti-Hack Operations Team has suggested that players not use any hack, while also saying:

“Free Fire has a zero tolerance for cheating. We will permanently ban your accounts used for cheating. Devices used for cheating will also be banned from playing Free Fire again with other accounts.”

Thus, the use of diamond hacks or mods is out of the question. However, players who cannot afford to buy diamonds can still obtain them for free using legitimate methods such as using GPT (get-paid-to) applications or websites.

Most GPT apps allow players to collect gift cards or free virtual currency (for a specific platform) after completing certain tasks such as completing surveys, participating in quizzes, watching videos, playing games, getting shopping bonuses and much more.

One can redeem the gift cards and use them in the Garena supported survival shooter to claim diamonds for free.

Edited by Adelle Fernandes

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