Free chats and video calls on the FriendlyMony-Relationships app by Six87 Communications

Free chats and video calls on the FriendlyMony-Relationships app by Six87 Communications

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]November 7 (ANI/SRV): The popular dating app from India, FriendlyMony, which connects a wide range of people globally, has recently launched a new feature of 7 months unlimited free chats and video calls for fresh users.

Looking for the perfect date online, new users can enjoy this exciting new feature in FriendlyMony for 6 months, along with an extra month with the benefit of a single successful referral conversion to a friend. The dating app is powered by the leading Bangalore-based IT company, Six87 Communications.

In the online dating scenario, FriendlyMony has a staggering average of around 7000 matches per day with one of the best male to female ratios in the online dating space – 65:35. Furthermore, the international customer base helps users to seek partnerships worldwide at no cost, which increases the appeal of the dating app.

FriendlyMoney uses an AI-based algorithm to find matches based on the preferences set while creating an account, leading to the forging of long-term relationships and friends, which can potentially materialize into marriage and beyond: the app will explore friendship in all its nuances and necessities.

The app, with its commitment to help the user find friendship, has a revenue model that makes online dating budget-friendly unlike the widespread subscription-based dating apps. Along with being budget-friendly, FriendlyMony’s pay-as-you-go model also reflects a transparent business model where credit card details are not stored, enabling users to spend money when they need to and to be aware of where that money has been spent.

Ashok Prasad, founder and CEO of Six87 Communications, was excited at the prospect of joining more people with the latest feature: “God created everything in pairs and humans are no different. We are social animals and need companions in life who we carry with us. can spend time and share our daily problems as well as our deepest feelings. Even in a crowd we sometimes feel lonely so we seek a partner to fill the gap in our hearts and then some people stay away from home either for work, studies, or business; these people, like any other individual, need to kill their boredom and also need companions. Moreover, the concept of online dating has made it easy for people to cross paths and find “the one” in a space they wouldn’t otherwise .In a vast online world, FriendlyMony helps people connect with like-minded people from different age groups, from the 18-year-old to middle-aged and older people looking for e tter love, with unlimited chat and video calls for free.”

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In the market crowded with dating apps that charge money even to view profiles and find matches, in FriendlyMony, users not only have the rare feature of unlimited free chats and video calls for as long as 7 months, but can also boost their profiles even if they are free members and increase their chances of finding a match by up to 6X. To further increase the chances of finding a better match on FriendlyMoney, the premium options are available which are not only easy to avail anytime but needless to say easily accessible.

The user-friendly app testifies to the amount of quality in FriendlyMony and the overall good user experience, and has among the best user engagements in the industry, with 38 minutes as the average time spent per person every 30 days. In addition to the superlative online dating experience, the app from Six87 Communications has end-to-end encrypted chats and video calls, ensuring the user a safe online experience with a dedicated support team, which has a 24-hour turnaround time.

Furthermore, unlike other dating apps that use bots to mislead real users, the FriendlyMony app has real-time users. As a bot-free platform, FriendlyMoney has gained overwhelming trust among women over the years, primarily because of its feature that doesn’t allow anyone to ping them without their consent.

FriendlyMony has a dedicated content monitoring team that moderates the platform 24/7, maintaining a secure environment by filtering out the creeps. For men too, the fine-free and well-monitored platform of the dating app provides a sense of security, helping them avoid instances of phishing and other common unpleasant issues associated with the online dating world.

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Behind the infrastructure of this booming free dating app is the genius of its founder, Ashok Prasad, who has an extensive IT experience of 18 years and a powerful team of experienced IT professionals and alumni from prestigious institutions in India, like CET, NITS, etc .The expert matchmaking algorithm is continuously maintained, developed and improved by these industry leaders who are essentially playing online matchmakers and are dedicated to FriendlyMony’s brand philosophy: “making online dating safe, making online dating meaningful.”

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