‘Fouling Still Confuses Me!’: Kevin Durant Confused As Referees Call For Fouls After FT Against Warriors At Xmas Day Game

‘Fouling Still Confuses Me!’: Kevin Durant Confused As Referees Call For Fouls After FT Against Warriors At Xmas Day Game

The NBA Xmas Games are in full swing and we are done with 3 of the 5. The Sixers made a 4th quarter comeback to beat the Knicks. The Mavericks handed the Lakers a loss at Dirk Nowitzki’s statue unveiling. The Celtics handed the Bucks. Just like many of us, Kevin Durant was at home enjoying the games too.

Since the Nets don’t play on Christmas Day, Durant is just like the rest of us, a fan who enjoys the festivities the team and the NBA put on. The Warriors host the Grizzlies for the fourth Xmas Game. With Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins out, many expected Ja Morant and co to break through.

However, Jordan Poole and the others had a different plan.

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Kevin Durant left surprised by the referee’s calls

This morning, the NBA Referees Twitter page announced the referees who will officiate tonight’s Christmas games. When they announced the Dubs-Grizzlies game, fans knew it was going to be a bad night.

Mark Davis has not been good for the Warriors and he has lived up to his reputation so far.

During the third quarter, the Warriors attempted to foul Steven Adams, and it was a clear foul. Instead, the referees called it a “Take Foul” and awarded the Grizzlies a free kick and an extra possession.

This did not sit well with many people, including Kevin Durant.

The NBA implemented the “Take Foul” rule this season. According to NBA.com, this is how they define a take foul.

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A take-foul — in which the defender does not make a play on the ball — is what the league classifies as one that occurs either “during a transition scoring opportunity or immediately after a change of possession and before the offensive team had the opportunity to move the ball up.”

The new penalty for such a foul is one free throw, which may be attempted by any player on the offending team in the game at the time the foul was committed, along with continued possession by the offending team.

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NBA Twitter reacts to the bad officiating tonight

The game tonight has been crazy. The Warriors have picked up five technical fouls, with over 9 minutes left in the fourth. NBA Twitter was sure upset about the same.

It has been a poorly judged match. From the looks of it, if the Dubs lose tonight, it will be more on the refs than themselves.

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