Forgot your smartphone password? Check simple steps to reset it

Forgot your smartphone password?  Check simple steps to reset it

Phone password reset: Smartphones have become important parts of our lives now as they play an important role in our daily life. From UPI payments to booking tickets online, everything is done in one click. That’s why it’s important to set a screen lock on your smartphone to protect our data from others.

But many times users forget the password, pattern or pin code. And if you’ve also forgotten your phone’s password and can’t unlock it, don’t worry. We have given you simple steps to unlock it.

You can unlock your smartphone at home without going to a service center. Check the simple steps below:

For Android phone

1. Unlock your phone with your Google account

  • Your Google Account can be used to unlock your device if you forget your phone password.
  • After entering wrong password or PIN multiple times, a message will appear on the screen saying “you can try next time after some time” and along with it, “Forgot Pattern/Password” button.
  • Press it. It will ask to sign in to the Google account registered with the phone.
  • After this, your phone will be unlocked. And now you will be able to enter a new password or pattern.
  • It is worth noting that an internet connection is a must for this method to work.

2. Reset the device to factory defaults

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press and hold the power button together with the volume up or down button for a while.
  • Your phone will go into recovery mode. Enter “Clean/wipe data” and “Wipe cache” after selecting factory reset option.
  • Turn on the phone after waiting for about a minute.
  • It won’t ask for any password or pattern, instead you’ll be given the option to set up your phone from scratch.

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For iPhone users

  • Turn off the phone.
  • To put your phone into recovery mode, press and hold the power button on your iPhone and later devices after connecting it to your Macbook or PC. You need to press the volume down button on the iPhone 7 series and the home button on older iPhones.
  • You must have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac, then you will see the recovery mode screen of the device and you will be able to control it with iTunes software.
  • Click the Restore option in iTunes on PC or Mac. After this, all the data on the iPhone will be deleted and the password will also be removed.
  • You can restore apps and settings from the backup after entering a new password or setting up iPhone as a new device.
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