Ford PH ‘apps’ the ownership experience

Ford PH ‘apps’ the ownership experience

Many had been waiting for the announcement of when Ford Philippines would decide to activate FordPass here. Well, wait no more. Starting this month (December 2nd, to be exact), Ford’s proprietary app can now be downloaded for free on iOS (version 14.0 and above) or Android (version 7.0 and above) via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively ” to access vehicle-specific content and support.”

What does this mean? Through FordPass, if the next-generation Ford Ranger or next-generation Ford Everest is equipped with FordPass Connect, or a mobile modem with an e-SIM that allows the vehicle to connect to the Internet, you can remotely control specific functions of the vehicle and even check the fuel level .

Vehicle status

Let’s take a look at what FordPass can let you do:

You can lock and unlock the doors even when you are not near the vehicle.

FordPass allows you to start and stop your vehicle’s engine “from almost anywhere.” What’s more, you can even turn on the air conditioning to keep it cool and comfortable when you board. The system will remember the last A/C setting and turn it on to that mode.

Intelligent Oil Life Monitor

If you forget where you parked, FordPass has a Vehicle Locator feature (with a real-time map) to help you find it.

Get an instant remote control of the odometer and even the fuel level.

“Intelligent Oil Life Monitor” tracks your driving habits and “calculates the health of your engine oil.” This means that you can only change the oil when it is time to do so. That’s a money saver there.

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External door lock and unlock

Using the app, you can access a team of Ford experts via phone or email.

Said Ford Philippines CEO Mike Breen in a release: “FordPass will drive the future of the Ford ownership experience and we are very excited to finally launch it in the Philippines for the benefit of our customers who are tech-savvy and always on the go. With FordPass, it’s like having a personal assistant for your Ford vehicle. We’re leveraging connectivity to offer our customers a smarter and easier way to own a Ford.”

The location of the vehicle

So how do you get a FordPass? First, you download the app (again, it’s free). Select the icon on the home screen and select “Philippines.” Click on “Create Account”, enter your details, as well as your mobile number. When you request a code, a one-time password will be sent to you via SMS. Use this number as the authentication code. Registration is complete when you receive a confirmation SMS.

Now that you have the app, it’s time to register your vehicle. Click the drop-down menu at the top of the screen and select “Add Vehicle.” Enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) and click “Next”. After entering a nickname for your vehicle, click “Activate Vehicle.” Voila, you’re done!

Remote engine start-stop with precooling

As a platform, FordPass effectively opens the doors to the next level of Ford ownership. Of course, convenience is king, and as the app surely continues to develop and evolve, more features will surely be added to the suite currently available. We’re certainly looking forward to the other FordPass goodies available in other territories – like tire pressure readings, turn-by-turn directions to your nearest dealer and FordPass Rewards. More exciting times lie ahead for Ford owners and prospective owners.

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For more information, visit or Ford Philippines’ social media pages.

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