Flight Attendant Always Says to Leave “One Shoe” in Hotel Safe in Life-Changing Travel Hack | Travel news | Travel

Flight Attendant Always Says to Leave “One Shoe” in Hotel Safe in Life-Changing Travel Hack |  Travel news |  Travel

Flight attendant Esther, who currently works for the Dutch airline KLM and has stayed in hundreds of hotels around the world, shared her number one tip: the high heel hack. Many people do not leave their valuables in the safe because they are afraid they will forget them when they leave.

“Worried about forgetting something from your closet? Put your heel or shoe in it and you won’t forget it!” she said.

The flight attendant always puts a heel in the safe because she would never leave the room without them since she needs them for work, but when they wear more than one pair of shoes, travelers can put what they think they wouldn’t leave without in the safe, such as their jacket or their coat.

“The heel chop is a good idea!” commented one traveler on social media with many saying they should try this next time they stay at a hotel.

The flight attendant’s second tip was the curtain cut. The hotel rooms have blackout curtains, but in some places they don’t close properly, and guests usually “hate the light in the room at 6am,” as many said on social media.

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An easy way to fix this is to use a hanger with clips to hold the curtains together at night.

Travelers commented on social media saying it was a “really cool” and “clever” hack as this is one of the most annoying parts of staying in a hotel.

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Esther’s next life-changing hack is to use the shower cap as a ‘cover over your shoes’. This is a very useful way to protect your clothes from dirty shoes when you repack your suitcase, especially if you don’t have any plastic bags with you.

Alternatively, the shower cap can also be used as a cover for the remote control. This is “very practical” as “those things are dirty!” said the crew member.


Esther’s next hack was to use “your USB cable and charge your devices in the TV” if you don’t have a world travel plug or if the one you have doesn’t work.

Finally, she said that it is not necessary to use the room key for your stream, and instead guests “can also use any other card for this”.

Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz previously shared with Express.co.uk some of his favorite hotels, saying he never goes to a hotel without his own “mug, salt and pepper, my own bamboo cutlery set and coffee bags” like “some hotels”. don’t give you any”.

“You don’t want to get up in the morning, realize you missed breakfast and not have coffee in your room!”

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As for packing a suitcase, he explained that he never “travels without” packing cubes, which are “essential” to him.

“I always pack all my clothes in these little compartments I once got online. They are little bags or ‘packs’ as I call them to organize and pack your clothes.

“I organize all my clothes by day, but you can do what works best for you. This is especially useful if you’re moving or changing hotels.

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“With this, it’s very easy to only take out the things you need and nothing else. You don’t have to mess around and unpack and pack the whole suitcase every time.

“Also, more clothes will fit in your suitcase as they are more compressed,” he added. By using travel cubes, you will not need a shower cap, as a cube can be used for the shoes.

Miguel added: “I would always wear the biggest jacket or sweater when traveling so it doesn’t take up space in my suitcase.

“I fold the t-shirts into squares. And the pants, I roll them. If you are packing sneakers or shoes, place all of your socks or underwear inside.

“Also, anything fragile should be worn inside your shoes. Both to protect them and to save space,” the flight attendant recommended.

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