[Fixed] Front camera not working for WhatsApp video calls on iPhone?

[Fixed] Front camera not working for WhatsApp video calls on iPhone?

WhatsApp video calling not working on iOS. Here is the easy guide to fix front camera not working for WhatsApp video calls on iPhone.

Here are some troubleshooting tips to fix the issue of front camera not working for WhatsApp video calls on iPhone. Video calls are a great way to participate in quick meetings or say hello to family members. Unfortunately, the video call cannot be completed if the front camera stops working.

Since video calls on WhatsApp are dependent on a good network, using mobile data can slow down the functionality. I mean when you receive a video call, the front camera is too slow to turn on because of a slow network. It could be a WhatsApp bug that can suddenly cause the front camera to stop working.

A few users have reported that having Face ID enabled to unlock WhatsApp can interfere with video calls. In some cases, if the camera permission is disabled for WhatsApp, any feature that requires the use of the phone’s camera will not work.

Tips to fix front camera not working for WhatsApp video calls on iOS

Let’s get started with the troubleshooting methods one by one and get WhatsApp video calling front camera working again.

1. Update WhatsApp

Start troubleshooting by updating WhatsApp to a newer version. This will fix any existing bugs on the app that may prevent the front camera from opening during video calls.

  1. Go to App Store > press on Apple ID avatar Upper right.
    open the app store profile
  2. Now, scroll down and check if a new update is available for WhatsApp.
  3. If you see a pending update for WhatsApp, tap Update button to install it right away.
    update WhatsApp
  4. After you finish updating WhatsApp, launch the app and try to start a video call. The front camera should work now.

2. Enable permission for WhatsApp to use camera

Allow WhatsApp to use the front camera on your iPhone to make or receive video calls. How to enable the camera permission for the instant messaging app.

  1. Go to Settings > What’s up.
  2. Scroll to Camera and press the switch next to it to activate it.
    enable camera permission for WhatsApp
  3. Close the Settings app when you’re done giving the permission.

Launch WhatsApp and start a video call to check if the front camera opens or not.

3. Restart your iPhone

It could be a random bug in the system settings of your iPhone that can cause some interference with the front camera when you try to use WhatsApp. As a solution, you can give your iPhone a reboot.

  1. Press the power button on your iPhone.
  2. The Slide to turn off option is displayed. Pull the slider to turn off iPhone.
    turn off your iPhone
  3. Wait for a few seconds and then press the power button on your iPhone to turn it on.

After the iPhone restarts, launch WhatsApp and use it for a video call to check if the front camera is now working.

4. Use 5GHz network bandwidth and connect iPhone to WiFi

Using WiFi instead of cellular data on iPhone is always recommended to facilitate faster network speeds. This is useful when making or receiving video calls on WhatsApp. If you have a faster and more stable WiFi network nearby, connect your iPhone to it.

Second, change from 2.4 GHz bandwidth to 5 GHz bandwidth if you are using a dual-band WiFi router. Sometimes your ISP may be performing some maintenance that causes you to experience downtime. You can contact your Internet provider and ask about this.

5. Force close WhatsApp

This solution has often been recommended to many WhatsApp users to resolve random errors that appear out of nowhere. It is easy to perform. All you need to do is close WhatsApp from the last app section of iOS.

  1. If you have an iPhone with a Touch ID, double-tap it to bring up the Recent Apps card.
  2. Otherwise, swipe up from the bottom of the screen if you have an iPhone with Face ID and stop at the center of the screen. This will make the Recent Apps section appear along with the app cards.
  3. Then navigate to the WhatsApp app card, tap on it and swipe up to close it.
    force close whatsapp on iphone
  4. Return to the iOS library and tap on the WhatsApp icon to launch the app.

The video call should now work smoothly with the front camera on and running without problems.

6. Disable Face ID Unlock for WhatsApp

You can disable the Face ID unlock feature for WhatsApp. Implementing this solution has reportedly helped many users. So you should also try this solution if other troubleshooting tips don’t work.

  1. Launch What’s up.
  2. Navigate to Settings option and tap on it.
  3. Press Privacy > Screen lock.
    WhatsApp screen lock disable
  4. Press the switch next to it Require Face ID.

Remember that option Require Face ID will only appear on an iPhone with the Face ID feature.


Video calling is an excellent feature for arranging an online conference with colleagues or meeting your family face to face. You can’t let front camera malfunctions ruin your WhatsApp video calling experience. So follow the solutions in this guide to fix the problem of front camera not working for WhatsApp video calls on iPhone.

If you have any thoughts on How to fix front camera not working for WhatsApp video calls on iPhone?, so feel free to drop in under the comments section. Also subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel for video tutorials. Cheers!

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