Five minute pumpkin carving for quick Halloween decorating

Five minute pumpkin carving for quick Halloween decorating

I love all things Halloween, whether it’s spooky Halloween decorations or grinning jack-o-lanterns. However, what I don’t love is hollowing out the inside of a pumpkin, until I discovered a genius hack for quickly carving pumpkins.

While there are many lovely pumpkin carving ideas out there, I love to dot pumpkin vases around my house and light up my windows with jack-o-lanterns on October 31st. If, like me, you find it a painfully laborious experience trying to dig out the stringy pumpkin inside with a spoon, I promise this carving hack will be a game-changer.

hands holding a small pumpkin filled with flowers

(Image credit: Future/Dan Duchars)

The hack involves using an electric handheld whisk to clean out the inside of the pumpkin with minimal effort and fuss. I discovered the hack last Halloween and used it to whip up a mix of pumpkin vases and jack-o-lanterns in record time, as it only takes minutes to do.

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