Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide

Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide

Aside from combat, building relationships is an important part of Fire Emblem. Here’s how you can take these relationships forward and with whom.

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest game in a series loved for the tactical, strategy-based combat that makes up the combat system. When players aren’t deploying units against enemies on the battlefield, one way to relax and make units stronger is actually by getting to know the characters. With a large, well-written cast, players are sure to enjoy the progression throughout the game. For characters that they want to get to know a little more deeply, players can also push their relationships into more romantic territory.

Although Fire emblem is a game series spanning thirty years or so, the social simulation and relationship building elements were first brought to the franchise in 2012 with Fire Emblem Awakening. Since then, the series has been known for its romantic possibilities, as well as being one of the best tactical RPGs – either in turn-based JRPG form like most Fire emblem game is, or hack-and-slash musou like last year’s Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. For players who might need a little help in the romance department, here are the characters they can romance and how to do it.

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How romance characters in fire emblem engage


Unlike in other entries in the series, all of the romantic characters in the Fire Emblem Engage can be approached regardless of the player character’s gender. For return Fire emblem players, other major changes include the fact that Engage does not have child units, which are usually a byproduct of married characters. Despite this omission, marriage is still possible, both between units and between the player and a unit.

As with most people Fire emblem game, the romance system in Engage is fairly simple, as it focuses on improving support ranks. Players should increase their chosen character’s support rating by performing various combat actions while alongside them on the battlefield. When they do, hearts will appear between the player and the selected character. Off the battlefield, players can improve a character’s support rating by training with them, asking them to cook, and interacting with them. Eventually, the character will reach an A-rank support bond. It’s important to get all the characters to this rank – not just the character the player wants to romance.

To move the relationship from platonic to romantic, players must reach S-rank with that character. This can only be done after reaching Chapter 23, which will lead to a side quest called “The Connector”. After completing this side quest, the player will receive a covenant ring, necessary for marriage. Giving this covenant ring to another character will increase their support rating to S. Players should keep in mind that since they only have one covenant ring, they can only romance one character.

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Who can be romanced in Fire Emblem Engage


Unlike other games, the main character can reach S-rank support with any character on their team, regardless of age. As such, not all of the S-rank scenes are romantic in nature, and some of them instead only hint at a deep bond of friendship. Others will only suggest flirting. However, there are a number of great romance options for players where the cutscene will be particularly romantic.

That being said, these are the romantic characters:
















After giving a character the Pact Ring, a special support conversation and cutscene will occur, signifying that the protagonist’s bond with the character has been brought to the next level. After this character gains support from S-rank and is essentially married to the main character, players will be able to see an updated page in the Ally Notebook with a picture from the support scene included. In terms of combat benefits, the protagonist and their partner will use a special skill when using Engage skills together. There will also be a memento of the character in the player’s room, and in the epilogue, the character and the main character will appear, showcasing their happy life together.

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