FightOut has hit over 2 million in just days

FightOut has hit over 2 million in just days

Have you set your New Year’s resolution yet? If so, getting in shape will be your #1 New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, many people are not persistent enough. What if I told you there is a crypto app that rewards you for working out? Sounds motivating, right?

FightOut is a new cutting-edge crypto based on Move-to-Earn (M2E) mechanism that allows you to earn while training. Move-to-Earn is essentially a concept that rewards people for being active and encourages them to do so.

FightOut is a newcomer to the M2E crypto space, but it’s totally different from anything else we’ve seen, so let’s learn what makes it so special.

What is FightOut?

Many of us still go to traditional gyms because they are somewhat affordable. But they are extremely time consuming, the coaches don’t really care about us, and they make us do one thing over and over again. That’s why fitness apps are so popular these days. Consequently, Move-to-Earn (M2E) is becoming increasingly popular.

The M2E space is flooded with many projects, but FightOut is getting a lot of attention because of its cutting-edge features that help you get a better body and live a healthier life.

FightOut is a brand new Move-to-Earn platform where you get rewards when you complete workouts, whether you lift alone in the gym or attend group classes remotely. Using smart technology, you get a workout tailored to your goals and abilities in the FightOut platform that you won’t find in your typical gym.

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FightingOut creates an M2E training app and training chain that makes training fun. Training, earning badges and participating in community activities reward you for your efforts.

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FightOut’s groundbreaking native token

FGHT, the Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, powers the FightOut metaverse. You can use FGHT to play in leagues, tournaments, etc. In the FightOut metaverse, you will only be able to purchase items using FGHT tokens.

Furthermore, you can exchange FGHT for REPS tokens to make in-app purchases. In addition, you can bet to earn member rewards such as discounts from health centres, coworking spaces and gym memberships.

With FightOut’s pre-sale, investors can get their hands on the FGHT token to participate in its potential.

A number of user-oriented functions

FightOut has come up with a very good way to motivate people by offering a way to earn money and ultimately create training programs that are tailored to each individual. In fact, you’ll even be rewarded for your existing workouts.

This app is specially designed to give you “Fighting Fit”. As soon as you sign up, the app will allow you to set your training goals, information about your training background, equipment availability, your preferred workouts, etc.

On top of that, you can also monitor your sleep, dietary intake and other metrics to ensure your workouts are tailored to your needs. Using this information, the app suggests workout routines based on fitness standards, top trainers and fitness experts.

As you progress through the workouts, you’ll earn “REPS,” an in-app currency. To earn REPS, you must overcome training challenges, consume training in the app and participate in several social actions. With these REPS, you can buy things in the FightOut store, register for the FightOut app, or consult with trainers.

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Badges are also part of FightOut’s reward system, which can be seen inside the app and its metaverse. With these badges you will be able to unlock various FightOut store discounts and benefits in the app. Also, FightOut plans to achieve community building by opening a web 3.0 integrated gym and health bar.

In short, these cutting-edge features can help FightOut create a strong brand that will help increase the app’s products and demand for FGHT tokens, and help it grow its user base.

FightOuts Metaverse – Own your NFT avatar

There is a lot of potential for upcoming metaverse platforms with the potential to become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Creating an account in the FightOut app gives you the ability to create your own NFT avatar. For these avatars, stat points are generated directly from training sessions and achievements. As you get stronger, your NFT avatar also gets stronger.

As part of the FightOut metaverse, you can also chat with friends or battle other members. Furthermore, FightOut gyms will have mirrors and screens so you can display your avatar. You can also buy cosmetic NFTs to make your avatar look better with REPS or FGHT tokens.

Fight out
Fight out

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Investors lured by FGHT Presale Token Bonus

FGHT has a total supply of 10 billion tokens, of which 60% will be sold in the presale, 10% will be used for liquidity, and 30% will be reserved for rewards and growth.

Presale rewards range from 25% for $50,000 investments to 10% for just $500 token purchases, so there’s something for everyone.

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Each pre-sale token buyer gets a three-month vesting period. Also, buyers can get a bigger token bonus by choosing longer vesting periods from 6 months to 24 months.

Based on bonus rewards, the 60% pre-sale allocation may be higher than 60% (up to 90%) if bonuses are realized at a much higher level. It is expected that 70% of the pre-sale funds will be used to acquire and refurbish the venue.


Exercise and a healthy lifestyle have never been more engaging and enjoyable than with FightOut. Move-to-Earn gets a new kick with FightOut’s cutting-edge features, such as personalized workouts based on your preferences and training background, a virtual avatar that represents you in the FightOut universe, plus much more.

Now the project has already raised over 2 million dollars, but the good news is that the pre-sale is still going on. FGHT tokens are in demand right now, and if you want to be part of this early group of investors who can earn big in the future, now is the time to get tokens.

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