FIFA 23 Title Update #6 Brings Quick Free Kicks BACK & Buffs Defensive Press

FIFA 23 Title Update #6 Brings Quick Free Kicks BACK & Buffs Defensive Press

Title Update #6 has landed in FIFA 23 and once again brings us a number of different gameplay changes and bug fixes.

This time around, a couple of tweaks to the game have a significant impact on both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

So take a look at the most widespread Title Update #6 gameplay changes and how they will affect FIFA 23 gameplay below.

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Quick free kicks are BACK

Quick free kicks had become a thing of the past, and players now don’t even expect to have the opportunity to take one in FIFA 23.

When fouled, the players would pass the ball around the pitch randomly before the free kick transitioned into a normal free kick, preventing you from taking it quickly.

However, as part of Title Update #6, the following gameplay issue has been resolved:

“In some cases, a quick free kick could not be taken and transition to a traditional free kick.”

SNEAK PLAY – A quick free kick can catch your opponent off guard

So, now that we know quick free kicks will return, how can you take advantage of these scenarios in the game?

You should not use the quick free kick function every time the opportunity presents itself.

The best time to play a quick free kick is when you are in transition.


Say you’re on the counter and your player is hacked down, but your team is still outnumbered by the opposition’s defenders, this can be a great chance to play quickly and keep the attack going.

When awarded a free kick near the edge of the box, it is usually best to hold off on using a quick free kick and have an attempt at goal instead.

Defensive pressure OP

Title Update #6 has also made the following gameplay adjustment:

“Reduced stamina reduction by 11.7% for constant pressure, pressure after loss of possession and pressure on defensive custom tactics with heavy pressure.”

The decrease in endurance decay effectively means that you will be able to perform the press with more regularity and speed.

So the defensive press, which was nerfed in a previous title update, has been tweaked again.

TEAMWORK – Each player must contribute to a good defensive press

This means that if you are a goal down in the closing stages of a match, you have a better chance of winning the ball from your opponent and getting an equaliser.

You can now expect to see more comebacks in competitive matches.

The defensive pressing mechanisms that have been affected by this change can only be accessed via the Custom Tactics menu and not the on-field D-Pad tactics.

Check out the full FIFA 23 Title Update #6 Patch Notes here.

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