FIFA 23: The Biggest Fails – What The Hell EA?

FIFA 23: The Biggest Fails – What The Hell EA?

EA Sports is way up there when it comes to failing and screwing things up. Especially this season. FIFA 23 was released a whole month early – the start of a wild journey of errors from EA. Especially in Ultimate Team, things really go wrong. We show you exactly what EA Sports has been up to this year.

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EA Sports biggest mistake in FIFA 23 | Early Game

FIFA 23 marks a new milestone in the history of failures by EA Sports. Early leaks like Team of the year and TOTY icons has already become the norm for the FIFA community. Anyone who plays Ultimate Team knows enough about EA failing anyway. Wrong cards in packs, wrong ratings that need to be corrected, or the game simply being released too early.

EA is not exactly the best example when it comes to being professional at one of those biggest game in the world. We’re taking a look at all the FIFA 23 bugs of the year today, so stay tuned, it’s going down!

EA Sports’ biggest mistakes in FIFA 23

EA is back again with it. Has there ever been a game without bugs? I do not think so. Here are the biggest bugs in FIFA 23:

1. EA unlocks FIFA 23 on Xbox ahead of release

This was one of the biggest mistakes in a long time. The Xbox gamers could play FIFA 23 a full month before the actual release. At the time of the glitch, players with pre-orders had access to the full game and could enter the Ultimate Team mode, among other things.

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Of course, then EA memes and leaks about FIFA 23 rankings and much more went viral. We were able to finish ours FIFA 23 Top 100 in advance, but this makes us wonder what EA is actually going on inside EA.

2. Can’t complete SBCs in Ultimate Team

The online app allowed players to complete 23 SBCs prior to the release of FIFA. But a series of mistakes caused frustration in the community.

The list of problems surrounding the SBCs was quite long. The main problems were that challenges could not be submitted. Other challenges could not be resolved at all. What a letdown, the early stages of FIFA 23 were…

According to FIFA pros SebFut and Rannerz, making the rewards from the first SBCs untradeable was definitely a ploy by EA, making FIFA points more attractive right from the start. Not a cool update, EA!

3. Hero Pack fails

Not even a month out and the EA bug just won’t stop. You may remember the Hero Pack Fail for only 25,000 coins. It was only online for about 15 minutes, but of course thousands of players accepted the gift.

Logically then, the transfer market collapsed. But not everyone was lucky: many missed the pack, on top of that the value of the team went down. Large L for players with hero cards. Until today, there has been no feedback from EA on the incident. Unbelievable!

4. WC mode there too early

It was a way to make it possible to gain access to the World Cup in FIFA 23 before its official release. I really wonder how this can happen? It’s just crazy!

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The FIFA 23 World Cup mode was not only leaked a month earlier (like every other event in FIFA), but was also available to PlayStation players with a simple trick and was even PLAYABLEWtff!

5. Black Friday – wrong price ranges

And once again EA messed up. Right before the start of the Black Friday promo in FIFA 23, EA messed up a lot. Overnight, they adjusted price ranges of some popular Team of the Week cards. But it was all clearly too low and just wrong. Many players lost many coins because the affected informants were put on the market too cheaply by their ignorant owners.

It was players with ongoing transfer lists who lost. Most often, all players can be offered again with just one click, without checking the price of a card again. Briefly inform as Ousmane Dembele, Theo Hernandez and Wissam Ben Yedder were sold for prices which 20,000 coins.

6. Wrong icon faces in the game

Once again there were many complaints in the FIFA community: Some of the then new WC icons looked just awful. But it wasn’t really surprising. Something that EA just ruined.

Some icons didn’t look like themselves and looked like NPCs. Didier Drogba, meanwhile, ran around in the guise of Paolo Maldini. Very strange! Fortunately, the error has now been fixed, although it took some time.

7. Hackers in FIFA 23

It’s not just EA Sports that’s really annoying the FIFA community this year, but also, of course, the hackers. Be that as it may Weekend League or hacking accounts, they are everywhere now. Be careful! Major streamers have already been hacked.

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But not only account hacking is a big problem in FIFA 23. More and more players are also reporting cheaters in Division Rivals and in WL. It’s mostly PC players, so it’s best to turn it off Cross game to avoid this problem!

8. Stats are secretly Nerfed

Like FIFA 23 Centurions wasn’t bad enough, they’ve gotten even worse. Especially the popular Zlatan Ibrahimović. EA has made important adjustments to the game statistics of the Centurions Team 2 players without informing the community.

With the Centurions, some things had to be corrected on Team 1, we think of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s pace statistics. But it doesn’t compare to the secret tweaking of stats. The price of Ibra and Co collapsed and many people lost millions of coins…

Let’s hope that things will be different in the next round at the latest. EA will deliver EA Sports FC to us in autumn 2023, while we get the new one FIFA 24 from FIFA. Exciting times for the future.

Which mistake triggered you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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