FIFA 23 speed boost hack is impossible to defend against

FIFA 23 speed boost hack is impossible to defend against

FIFA 23 has seen a shift from the usual overpowered meta of pure pace on agile players, with all types of players now usable in the game, and seeing players who normally wouldn’t get a look at previous games now must-try options.

Every time a new title comes out, players all over the world will be looking for the overwhelmed, broken mechanics that they can exploit to give them an edge over their opponents in these close matches.

With pace still high on players’ wish lists, finding a way to get that little bit of extra speed over the opposition can be incredibly important.

FIFA 23 speed boost

Players have been able to find dribbling mechanics to give you an extra edge over your opponent, with the speed increase when the ball is at your feet, with the equivalent on FIFA 23 now discovered for everyone to use.

Some players are obviously better than others at exploiting this mechanic, although only certain players are able to perform the new speed boost, so not all players will make it past you on the field.

KingSunny on YouTube has uploaded a tutorial on how to use the speed boost and walks you through step-by-step how to perform it perfectly, even though he uses Kylian Mbappe who is the fastest player in the game at the moment.

FIFA 23 breaks the record for the number of players in the first week
FIFA 23 breaks the record for the number of players in the first week

How to perform FIFA 23 speed boost

First of all, you need a player with four star skill or higher to perform the heel to ball roll skill move, newly added to the game this year.

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You must then perform the skill move and follow it up by pressing the sprint button as soon as it is performed to get the boost that will leave the defenders in the dirt as you flash past them.

It’s safe to say that it looks pretty broken, so if you’re wondering if it’s worth learning, we suggest you take the time to learn it and give yourself a head start on your mates.

Video: How to increase the speed of FIFA 23

It certainly seems like the speed boost, if perfected and used in the right situations, will give you a massive advantage over your opponent and help you climb the ranks.

For Ultimate Team players, this speed boost can be the difference in reaching the Elite Division as well as finishing in the final ranks of the Weekend League, securing yourself the best possible FUT Champions rewards on FIFA 23.

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