FIFA 23 hackers steal over 200 million FUT coins from streamers and world champion

FIFA 23 hackers steal over 200 million FUT coins from streamers and world champion

Published: 2022-11-11T16:42:24

Updated: 2022-11-11T16:48:51

EA promised to make FIFA 23 Ultimate Team an even safer experience with new anti-cheat, but hackers are still taking over accounts and stealing millions of FUT coins.

In FIFA 22, some of the biggest trader accounts were hacked in a series of account takeovers, prompting a public response from the game’s developers.

They suggested that more members of the community should enable two-factor authentication, but the cheaters have found ways around it.

One player lost over 50 million coins in January, called FUT Donkey, and they weren’t alone. Even top Twitch streamer Bateson87 was hacked.

FIFA 23 Hackers Steal Millions of FUT Coins, Again

While many hoped these account takeovers would be a thing of the past, speaking exclusively to Dexerto, FUT Donkey revealed lightning strikes twice.

This time, however, the perpetrators appear to be gaining access to account logins by tricking Sony employees into using PSN support.

“I was just sitting at home and got a text saying 2FA has been disabled from Sony, which I didn’t,” they told us. “I tried to sign in to my PS5 but my account was signed out and all my details changed. I called Sony to get my account back, but when I got it back the hacker had taken about 20 million coins.”

fut assFUT Donkey, Twitter

FUT Donkey is known to have a high club value in Ultimate Team and is a famous FUT trader.

Given that EA had moved to fix issues on its side, regarding account takeovers, the PSN method appears to open the door for large accounts to be hacked – with losses on an unprecedented scale.

“I would estimate that at least 150-200 million coins have been stolen, as I am aware, there are probably more. I’m sure there are people I’m not aware of, they added.

FIFA world champion hacked twice

On top of that, a FIFA World Champion – Mohammed ‘MoAuba’ Harkous – also posted that they had been hacked. He won the FIFA eWorld Cup Final in 2019, taking home the trophy.

MoAuba tweeted: “Two days in a row.”

MoAuba has since threatened to sue those responsible. Using Google translate, he tweeted: “The **** from Sony, ask for account name and Paypal address and release all data. I think I will sue them.”

The first time he was hacked, on November 10, he was able to regain access to his PSN account quickly enough to avoid serious losses. Others, however, were not so lucky.

German streamer Elias Nerlich was also affected, losing over 30 million coins, according to FUT Donkey.

Donkey added: “I haven’t heard back from Sony about it or from EA either, both have ignored me so far.

“The hacker could have used my money as I had payment methods linked to my account, my address, age and full name is also there, so it’s a big data breach.”

Those affected are now urging EA to contact Sony to get to the bottom of the problem and deliver fair compensation. None of them have commented on the hacking situation at the time of writing.

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