Female superheroes who should get their own game

Female superheroes who should get their own game

Superheroes are among the biggest properties right now. Despite that, video games seem to focus on the same set of characters over and over again. This applies especially to women. As with movies and TV shows, game studios don’t want to take a chance on superheroines. The few times they did, they churned out terrible products like the 2004s Catwoman. However, there is no reason to give up.

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The entertainment sphere has several heroines whose adventures would make big plays. Often their various power sets have already proven themselves in other titles. If developers show the same dedication, they can create a game that satisfies hardcore gamers, casual gamers and devoted fans alike.


6/6 Catwoman

Catwoman in Batman: Arkham Knight

This feline criminal started out in DC Comics as a thief and adversary of Batman, but she has also aided the Caped Crusader on several occasions. She’s not out to kill anyone. That conscience sometimes makes her a reluctant hero in her own right. She has since become a valuable ally, thanks in no small part to her acrobatic prowess and misguided gadgets.

The Arkham games have already used these excellently. When controlling Catwoman, players feel lighter and more agile. At the same time, her abilities suit the established free-flow battles and strategic stealth segments. Any further video game escapades should use these titles as a template. Catwoman’s handful of sections here are better than her entire solo movie and accompanying game. Granted, that doesn’t say much, but it’s true nonetheless.

5/6 Raven

Raven in DC Comics and Portal

The daughter of a demon, Raven is the darkest member of the Teen Titans. Her past makes her very withdrawn, but it also gives her mystical abilities. Among these are telekinesis and generating portals. This should make the inspiration for a game obvious.

Developers could take notes from Portal titles. Here, players generate vortices for navigation and puzzles. However, with Raven, they can redirect enemy attacks and make them destroy each other.

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On top of the obvious gameplay, the character’s demonic roots are an excuse for a terrible aesthetic. As fans explore her home of Azarath, for example, developers can take cues from Blood borne, Dante’s Inferno, or other Lovecraftian works. The finished product encourages players to think on the move while making it difficult through atmospheric horror.

4/6 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones and LA Noire

Jessica is one of many heroes who boasts super strength, but it is far from her best asset. Instead, her greatest gift lies in her scouting skills. She makes her living as a private investigator, solving the Marvel Universe’s more heinous crimes with her unique sardonic wit. Unfortunately, it often takes a psychological toll, as she is just as damaged as those she helps. In that way, she resembles the hard-boiled detectives of film noir.

This is why her solo play should be emulated LA Noire. Not only does this game manage the atmosphere of the genre’s namesake, but it involves gathering clues and interrogating suspects. The methodical pace of the game would suit Jessica Jones, but sets it apart from the more action-oriented superhero games.

3/6 Black Widow

Black Widow in Marvel Comics and Agent 47 in Hitman

Although primarily a SHIELD agent and an Avenger, Natasha Romanov has had many identities before these. She was part of a Russian program of female assassins called “Black Widows”. These spies carried out covert operations around the world, carrying out political hits and other dirty deeds at the behest of their bosses. This lays the foundation for an exciting game.

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The resulting title would naturally prioritize stealth and espionage. The Assassin series would be a good source of inspiration. Not only do these games have the globe-trotting aspect down pat, but the protagonist shares Black Widow’s penchant for infiltration. Agent 47 routinely uses disguises and personas to get close to his targets. It didn’t take much to redo this mechanic for Romanov.

2/6 The vixen

Vixen and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Starting out as a humble village girl in Africa, Mari lost her parents to unscrupulous individuals seeking a mysterious amulet. This amulet once belonged to the great warrior Tantu, who passed it through his family until it finally reached Mari. With it, she can channel the powers of any animal – a gift she uses to fight crime as Vixen.

The possibilities are endless with a move set like that, but play like Shantae series recognize the potential of platforming. The half-genius hero of these reverent titles can transform into any animal through belly dancing. These forms are sometimes useful in combat, but they mainly serve traversal and puzzles. The developers know the simple satisfaction of accessing a new area with newly acquired abilities. It’s worked in countless Metroidvania games, and it can work similar magic for Vixen.

1/6 Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess and Kratos in God of War

This Greek heroine may not come from a comic book, but she’s no less impressive. Xena arose on the cheesy Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, but she proved popular enough for her own show. Using her powerful chakrams, she defends the oppressed against threats from Greek myths and good old human atrocities. This helps her find redemption for her own past as a conqueror, and gives the adventures pathos beyond their cheesiness.

This means that Xena would be right at home in a game that god of war. These titles showcase the potential of hack-and-slash combat in ancient Greece. Further, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning proving how perfect chakrams are for that playstyle. If Xena dives into this genre, fans will feel the “warrior” aspect like never before.

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